February 22, 2021

Don’t Let Anyone Determine your Worth. You’re Sexy as F*ck.

Feeling sexy AF!

My clothes are getting a bit tight and almost starting to burst at the seams.

There are the effects of lockdown, stress, lack of exercise, and the almost 360 transformations that life has beckoned us with, but my Gawd, do I feel sexy as f*ck?

Sometimes, we tend to shy away from the bedroom conversation. The conversation where our body parts become the subject. The parts that make us self-conscious. The areas where we feel we are lacking. Maybe lopsided boobies, small willies, less-than-perfect extremities, problematic skin, maybe childbirth has taken its toll, organs that refuse to cooperate, or just the absolute absence of being body-confident.

We are so caught up with what social media and reality shows expect us to look like, be like, act like, albeit it is a false reality. If we don’t have that perky butt, luscious locks, acrylic nails for days, triple-length eyelashes (blink, blink), change our eye color (like we do our underwear), not a dimple of cellulite in sight, let alone laugh lines and a forehead frown, we feel that we are less than.

Why do we allow these accessories, extensions, and additions to give us value, and does it really add to our self-worth? Who decided that if we do not conform to the aforementioned we are less than?

Let me tell you, you own your junk in your trunk; your home-styled hair; your short, stubby nails; your one lick of mascara; your dimply thighs; your once-a-month pedicure. Your glowing skin gives you so much more confidence. Your well-groomed appearance is attractive and sexy as f*ck, like a peacock fanning out its feathers. You’re not allowing society and the media to determine your self-worth.

So when you get to the bedroom, own your sh*t—don’t shy away from it. Remember the tools you need to get down and dirty; and the ones that you are self-conscious about—well, those get wholly overlooked.

Ride with pride, and when you’re done, you’ll ask yourself, “Why didn’t I do this a long time ago?”


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