February 14, 2021

The “Forever Valentine”—6 Steps to Healing your Inner Child.

Here are a few ways to give a forever Valentine to yourself!

(No, you don’t need a partner to do it!)

It’s a six-step process:

1. Think of the period between your birth and seven years old.

This was the period when you were developing the energy of your first chakra, the energy of safety and security.

Think of a moment that was a bit…humbling. (Don’t go for humiliation or trauma—we don’t want to retraumatize.)

Pick something that just puts you in touch with your fragility. Maybe you felt a bit scared or confused or betrayed.

2. Allow your young self (who still lives within you) to tell this story in his or her own voice.

3. Just be the listener and be with this young one without fixing or judging.

Let him or her know she has been heard.

4. Now summon the Wise One within you.

Maybe you have to “go to the balcony” to do this, imagining her story taking place on a stage below.

What do you wish she knew about her that you know now?

What does she not see about the context of her family or community that you now understand?

What can you see about a gift that may have been seeded at this moment?

5. Now respond to her as the Wise One.

Without fixing or judging, what would you like to say to her? What would you like to do for her? How does she respond?

6. Now make him or her a Valentine.

It can be in physical form or in a simple ceremony or ritual, such as placing some flowers on the earth in his or her honor.

Your love and compassion for this younger Valentine within is an act of healing and forgiveness that will help “grow” her (as part of your soul) so that she can catch up to your current age.

That way, when you feel unsafe or insecure, maybe you won’t always go right back to being six. You’ll be doing both of you a favor, as well as those around you. It could be a big step toward truly loving your whole self.

This technique is part of a book I’m working on about looking back at one’s life with love and wisdom and with a healing touch.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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