February 26, 2021

How we Create a False Reality through our Fears & Limiting Beliefs.

I was walking quickly down a cobblestone pathway as it was getting dark; my mind in turmoil and feeling foggy from the experiences I had just minutes earlier.

At this moment, I made a pact with myself. In all seriousness, I wanted to make sure I would always remember that I would never ever become a psychic.

I went to see a psychic because I felt there were things from my past I couldn’t remember, and maybe she could help me with that. I also had started a new relationship and was curious whether it was a good direction to take. I wondered if my fate had moved next door just to shake me awake.

I still have trouble remembering the whole occurrence. I only recall sitting across the table with this woman who I’d oddly felt as if I had known for some time.

When she was relaxed in her recliner and put a mask over her eyes, her mouth began to drool as she tuned into an altered state of consciousness.

Suddenly, I felt myself freeze; I couldn’t move my hands nor my body—something must have triggered me and I froze with fear.

She began talking, but I couldn’t understand as I was already on high alert.

Somehow, I managed to grab my ring that was laying on the table between us and I sprang up and turned quickly to leave. The woman reacted and yelled after me that I couldn’t just leave. As I ran down the hallway—as if stung by a wasp—I noticed a man coming down the stairs. The woman’s husband asked if I were the “Goeldlin girl”—he knew who I was.

That was the last time I’d seen a psychic as an adolescent.

A couple of years later, I was invited to see an incredibly talented psychic here in Canada; she told me I had a lot of experiences with other psychics, but I had no idea what she was talking about. She raised her eyebrows at me and said, “You don’t remember?”

We often create limiting beliefs through our experiences, other people’s beliefs, and our emotional reactions to circumstances.

When we dislike something we often say, I shall never put myself in a situation like this again.

We create a vow—either spoken or thought—to limit ourselves from ever experiencing another unpleasant moment again, and enforce the reality we want by proclaiming what we don’t want. We are, essentially, limiting ourselves.

Vows are equal to spells we cast upon ourselves.

Over time, we create a box in which we live that has a ceiling, walls, and a floor—a three-dimensional space we call our reality.

What happens when we realize that we’ve put ourselves in a box, and we suddenly begin to question our reality?

This is when we reverse the spell and begin the awakening journey.

I couldn’t recall any of the things she was telling me about my past, and shortly after leaving her home, I forgot the whole two-hour reading I had with her that day.

My in-laws asked to hear the tape I received from the reading and we played it back. There were only 15 minutes recorded on the tape because she kept pausing the recording to tell me private things “not for the ears of other people.”

What a smart lady.

This left me curious about what more there was that I could not grasp or understand and why on Earth I couldn’t recall my own past.

What would happen if instead of saying, “I don’t want to experience that,” we shift our focus to what we do want to experience?

We open ourselves up to possibilities by shifting into self-love, which is the gateway through the fourth dimension that leads us from the old boxed-in reality and toward the infinite space beyond.

From here, we can expand into the higher dimensions of our existence, where anything becomes possible and memory returns. In this space, we can effortlessly dissolve all limiting beliefs.

I wanted nothing to do with being psychic; I just wanted a normal life like everyone else. Believing in limits puts our reality in a box and believing in limitlessness opens us to the possibilities the universe has to offer.

What life are you choosing to live through vows you have uttered to yourself in your past?

And can you remember them?

Our vows subconsciously confine us like a prisoner behind cardboard walls; we become enslaved by our own fears.

Remembering our vows, and why we speak them, is one key to the puzzle, but learning to dissolve them—to untangle the karmic repercussions—is yet another.

How are you limiting yourself and your life experiences through vows and beliefs?

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