February 13, 2021

What it Feels Like when a Woman Craves Real Love.

She craves real love,

But she hates playing games.

She wants that moment when you just know and it’s natural.

All she wants is a connection.

She wants him to think about her before he falls asleep.

She wants to dream about him at night.

She craves that, with the same shared emotion.

He won’t be afraid.

That real, hard trust and faith,

The kind that makes you high.

She wants a man to look into her eyes and see the galaxy.

She wants to look into his and see her reflection.

She wants a man who can read her like a book.

She needs him to know what she’s feeling in the moment when she’s biting her lip.

It would be for his benefit to know.

Or when she frowns,

And especially when she’s sad but faking it with a smile.

She wants him to know when she’s mad.

(It will usually be about him.)

She wants that vulnerability to be herself.

She wants him to know it’s real love—not weakness.

She wants to share every corner of her mind.

She wants to share every naked part of her with him.

It’s just that…

She’s battling with pure love.

She’s hot and cold.

Her walls protect her.

She’s been broken because of love.

Heart of gold and heart of stone.

She can turn it on and off.

It’s been so long—she’s an expert at protecting her heart.

She knows this about herself.

She talks herself down.

She’s never going to find this love,

So she hides.

She tortures herself with thoughts of being alone.

She loves herself harder so she’ll never feel alone.

She talks herself up with patience.

He’s out there…

She reminds herself how strong she is.

Her brokenness prepared her for the next one.

She has strength you can’t imagine

To get up again and again,

To try again and again,

To open her heart up for the bad.

She knows you can’t have the good without it,

So she tries and opens up.

She’s ready to learn.

She’s ready to love.

Her strength is love.

She knows her worth.

For love, real agape love

She’s ready.

She’s not ready,

Not because of the ones who couldn’t love her,

But the ones who weren’t ready to receive love.

She can’t love someone who’s not ready.

She needs a man who is on her level.

She doesn’t want perfection.

She wants exactly the same she would give.

She wants to be his everything.

She wants growth,

She wants emotion,

She wants work,

She wants support,

She wants someone to hold her up,

She wants someone to hold up,

Working toward a common goal.





She’s tired of just existing.

She wants to share her highs and lows.

She wants her bed to be warm again.

She wants to fight over blankets and argue over who hogs the bed.

She wants to toss those blankets in the heat of passion.

She wants to sit up all night talking about anything just because we love the sound of each other’s voice.

She wants to feel his skin against hers while they explore all night until the sun rises.

She wants a man who will make a fuss over her.

She wants a man who will let her make a fuss over him

With date nights, vacations, family, friends, laughter, and more laughter.

She loves herself with abundance.

She feels the love overflowing,

But she’s on a roller coaster.

He doesn’t exist.

There isn’t a man ready for that.

There isn’t a man ready for her.

He doesn’t know how to love.

He doesn’t know how to receive love.

She’s tired of knowing there’s no fear in love, but still afraid.

She’s going to hold on.

She knows she has to be patient.

She knows her vulnerability is the key.

She chooses to be vulnerable.

She never wants to die again not trying.

He’s out there on the same road as her, traveling in each other’s direction.

It is a journey she’s willing to make.

She knows as she is praying for him, he’s also praying for her.



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