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February 17, 2021

Listen to the negative voice to find the answer.

  • This article is for those who do not have serious emotional and diagnosed concerns.  Please seek professional help and not self-help if this is the case.

To listen to the negative voice to find the answers seems counter-intuitive but consider this…..

The rules and thoughts you live life from is based upon what someone else you trusted or wanted to believe said or did.   who told you that and you took it on as truth. Most likely when were a baby, toddler, impressionable youngster and wanting to fit in and be accepted.  This is a naturally occurring thing, we see, hear, experience and take on these as our own.  Their place on the spectrum of positivity and helpfulness depends on what you are told, felt, shown and reinforced.

Where you encouraged or put down?

Did you receive appropriate, positive, loving, supportive care and affection or not?

Where you loved, ignored, neglected or abused.

What combination of these things did you experience?  These are the foundations of your internal voice, and given to you.  You took them on, internalised them because this was your normal, even if your soul said otherwise.

This is the exercise where listening to the negative can become therapy.

Every time you hear your or another’s voice tell you can’t, shouldn’t, mustn’t; we don’t do this or that; that isn’t for people like us etc.

When you are being told you are wrong, bad, inadequate, not enough etc you are in fact being given a powerful opportunity.  The opportunity to explore who put these limiting, painful beliefs in there, and what you actually want to believe about yourself.

When you start to hear the voices, from yourself or another you can choose to

  1. believe it and spiral down into the rabbit hole of self-dislike;
  2. you can practice the stop, check and reevaluate,
  3. you can use this information to explore what actually is in your psyche and who actually put it there. From this information heal, release and let go to create more of what you choose to create.

Yes, this is challenging, hang in here with me, for there is a healthy way through this quagmire.

What if, when you started to hear these voices you took the second and third options?

Consider the possible outcomes, for out of adversity, solutions arise.  Let’s play with this process for a bit longer…..

You hear the voices starting to creep in.

You stop, and listen, but, objectively. You observe as if you are watching a movie or observing someone else going through the situation.

Who is actually there, talking, pointing the finger, telling you things?

Who, from your past do the words and voice really belong to.

Is it really yours, or is it someone else who planted these limiting thoughts and beliefs?

“Beliefs are only thoughts ingrained into ruts within your subconscius which show up on auto-pilot.  Automatic feelings, responses, reactions, behaviour, thoughts etc as if you don’t have any control over them.  They can be supportive and healthy or they can be destructive. ”

Now you get to choose, as challenging as it is, and you may not believe it, yet.  You do have the power to make a conscious choice of what to do, feel, be and respond to.  As bizarre as it may feel, you do have options, you are in charge of you.  Your thoughts, and what to do with them.

Yes, it takes effort, time, practice, and awareness.  It takes commitment, self-reflection, and make the choice, to be honest with yourself above all else.

There are short cuts.  With more awareness, you might see yourself in a different light and choose not to be that person you were last week.  You may want to make drastic changes and make a stand against the voices in your head to rearrange them even so they are more loving, engaging and positive.  This is possible too.

Curious?  Great!! No, seriously, this is a breakthrough choice towards a new you and new life.  For when we address the demons (limiting beliefs and fears) in our head, help them heal and move on and out, you become the victor over our past and everyone else’s voice that tells you are “Not……..”

Start by being gently curious about yourself, with as little judgement as possible.

Reach out to trusted others, and professionals who work in the sub-conscious, energy fields to support you address the hidden and powerful voices there.

Journal if you feel safe to.  Sometimes the voices are too strong to do alone, and this is ok. Asking for help takes courage and shows inner strength and wisdom.

Consider the validity of the messages you hear.  Seek out the opposite in your life.  See what is possible and what you also would like to experience.  You are not the first person to live through similar challenges you are, and they shifted towards a healthier life version, why not you?

I will admit, this took me a considerable amount of time to get my head around and then to step into the power of the process.  I know how challenging it is, how painful and confronting it is to look at one’s life and see it more of a disaster zone than a gorgeous garden with butterflies.

The challenge of taking serious stock of what is in the subconscious that is causing harm and holding back from love, success and freedom to have choices.

There is much more to life than living according to someone else’s rules, while still respecting others choices.  Life becomes a magical playground when we move beyond the limits taught us, drummed into us, we picked up on as being unsafe.   Are you ready to step into your true power – that of making a conscious choice based on your values and beliefs you choose?

If you have found this helpful, then you may also find my books and programs beneficial too.

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