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February 10, 2021


I have been learning off late that patience is a virtue to keep earning at every stage of life, at every new turn of destiny.

Often times I have been very proud of my feat achieved in handling certain situations without haste or rash decisions. Letting life pan out. But the patience acquired in times of external struggles often seem to dilute in times of internal struggles.

When faced with some shortcomings , I often find myself at a loss of worth and patience. More than anything else I lack the trust that I can overcome this weakness with time and efforts. But I wonder wher does my hard earned patience go away in such times.

It is the most cliche of observations but the one reality I have seen is, no matter how patiently we get through certain fires in life. We will always lack the ability to treat ourselves with the same tenacity as we would have treated a certain situation.

We give misfortunes the benefit of our time and hard work. We give our misfortune patience and trust.

What we forget is that we too should give ourselves the same time , trust and patience.

We should use the wisdom of our wounds and see ourselves as flawed humans who need care and optimism to power through.

World’s biggest battles are fought not out in the world but here in our heads and hearts.

If we leave no stone unturned to win wars beyond our homes , we can very well make all the efforts to win the battles in our minds. Make ourselves stronger and more capable of facing the arrows of life.

Time we patiently waited while we healed ourselves and let go of our unhealthy coping mechanisms.

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