February 8, 2021

It is in this Silence that we Begin. {Poem}

In the mind’s eye, we see:

Our subconscious thoughts and dreams,

Reassembling like paper planes.

So detailed and precise,

Yet, at the same time

A fragile device.

Words are dripping in my head…

Like a leaky faucet,

Never getting any rest

Or better yet, Silence.

It is in this silence that we begin:

To hear with our spirit,

Instead of our brain.

Incessant thoughts are a mechanism,

Known to drive others insane.

Instead, you can find me here,

Fleeing into the silence.

It is in this place,

That solace calls out to us.

And through the deep abyss,

Of conscious and subconscious perceptions

Emerges a moment that defines us:

Who am I within this second?

It feels as if I am a cell,

Carrying out my purpose

That was built,

Deep into my genome sequence.

I am serving the universe

For an absolute purpose that is unknown…

Is this blind faith?

Or intuition?

We all play our part,

Becoming a tiny piece of the whole.

We are the universe,

As we are able to comprehend it anyway.

It feels like this is what truly is.

What we can and should be.

I believe we are beings of light.

Peaceful Shepards of the flock,

Herding humanity itself.

We all walk toward the abyss.

Maybe we should all fall in it,

To know,

Deep down,

What this life is.

I firmly believe we will always ask…

Where our footprints

Will be cast,

In this wonderful world we live.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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