February 28, 2021

You won’t be as Beautiful & Happy as you are Right Now.

This poem is a snack for you, before your brunch.

I wrote this poem, with the hope of being able to provoke a smile on your cute face—for your heart to feel lighter and hopefully cheerful.

Don’t worry—it’s an easy read, so you won’t be bored to death.

Imagine you have your favorite latte in your hand—mine is a vanilla-flavored latte, with almond milk, some nutmeg, and cinnamon to spice it up. Get comfortable, and let’s enjoy this short ride.


How many times have we felt unaccomplished? Not enough income,

not enough time, not enough pounds (lost or gained),

definitely not enough love,

not enough hours spent on our passion,

not enough flowers to water outside.

Do we have enough air? No? Just open your mouth.

What about food, sleep, sexy time? Do we kiss our loved ones enough?

We will never be as beautiful and happy as we are right now.

This is it—you, reading this, breathing. This is life.

I am not saying to not hope for improvements,

but we definitely don’t need to climb Mount Everest to see some light. Simply step outside.

Our blessings don’t have to be bright diamonds.

Having a shower; access to scrambled eggs; love from our parents; a friend with whom we can laugh; maybe avocado trees and sunsets; to able to see the sea; to touch your warm heart.

When will we ever feel like we have enough? That we are, in this precise moment, enough?

Realizing this can help us start to work, with the circumstances that we have. Never has there been a better moment than right now.

To feel grateful, to make better choices, to enjoy the birds chirping outside. There are literally a few brown birds chirping outside in a tree nearby.

The time has come for us to reflect if we should continue waiting for magic and perfection while missing what is happening right in front of us.

I wish for all of us to have strength; to go after what is important to us. To live the present in every small moment, because all of those, once added up, constitute, at the end of our time here, our book of life.

Let’s choose to feel grateful, to stare at all the darkness and chaos in our lives, and say, “Okay, I see you, and there are many solutions I just haven’t found yet.”

Remember when we were energized, little pumpkins? Not wanting to go to bed, so much to do, to play, to learn, and definitely so much to laugh about.

I know, as adults, things grow and change and bills pile up. Inside, we all have silliness and amazement that come out when we are enjoying life.

I am not saying there is a tooth fairy, but I do believe that we can feel happy and excited, living a life we actually love.

Not a perfect one—a real one—with missed sleep, yummy dinners, exhausting workouts, and well-lived days that fulfill our hearts.

We can make this world a better place to live in—one where we don’t wish to say goodnight. At least not until we are super sleepy and already feel like we can’t wait to wake up.



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Read 12 comments and reply

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