February 15, 2021

When Life Leaves you No Option but to Trust.

I haven’t always considered trust to be a friend.

I don’t think I even knew that trust was an option for how to approach life until a few years ago.

Before experiencing trust, I had become particularly skilled in the art of worry.

I had gathered many hours of practice doubting that things were going to work out, and I fretted constantly about everything.

I imagine you can relate to this feeling of fretting all the time about everything. Most of us have had this experience at one time or another.

This uncomfortable response to life often made me feel miserable, and also often made the lives of the people around me miserable. Turns out being neurotically concerned about things 24/7 isn’t that fun.

I probably knew somewhere in me that trust was a good thing to choose, like I know that kale and exercise and meditating are helpful choices, but honestly, I had no clue it was a possibility to trust life.

If we don’t know something is even a choice, how do we choose it?

So, I have full compassion for my previous un-trusting self. I was ignorant and that is innocence.

But now I know about trust.

I have experienced the benefits of embodying trust and the magic it can bring to a human life.

I know trust brings benefit to my day-to-day life and to the people around me.

I know trust helps me cope when anxiety arises, and I know trust is my best support for manifesting the future I desire.

But trust hasn’t come to me naturally, and often still needs intentional focus for me to master.

Trust is a choice.

For me, this whole experience of being shown that trust was my next soul lesson has not been subtle. It has been dramatic and exciting and curious. I guess I needed my friend, the soul lesson of trust, to be thrown in my face, and that sure is what has happened. And just as good friends often do, the soul lesson of trust completely kicked my ass.

My life as I knew it fell apart a couple years ago.

My 22-year partnership was over, no longer able to live in the house I built with my own hands on the property I purchased with my saved money.

I was shown a vision that it was time to move on to a new life, and I listened, and I did it, and I had no clue what was going to happen, but I learned that trust is so worth it along the way. I am grateful for all of it.

Opening to trust will destroy you in some ways. Or at least will destroy your ego, which turns out to be the most liberating event that can occur for you. Opening to trust will allow you to find the part of you that has always wanted to be the loudest but has been suppressed by fear and trauma.

Opening to trust will teach you that you’re not in control, you have never, in fact, been in control, and you will never be in control in the future.

Have I lost you yet? See what I mean about this soul lesson of trust taking you on a real, crazy trip?

But trust is worth it. Life will never stop being a real, crazy trip, and trust will make it so much easier to navigate.

When we move away from ego alignment, which thinks it knows what is going to happen and why things happen, and move into an alignment of trust, which has no clue what is happening but is fine with it because we trust, everything gets more fun and playful. We might seem crazy to others, but inside, we feel free to just be ourselves because we trust that is all we can be.

And as ego has less of a hold on us, we can move away from always listening to the fear and control stories of the mind, and instead start paying attention to other the aspects of our reality, such as intuition, creative inspiration, energy, chakras, vibration, our innate body knowledge, and so on.

Trust allows us to feel safe to explore a greater realm of reality then we previously were able to acknowledge.

Because if we are honest, we can see that most of us are living in a constant fear-state.

We have this constant feeling that everything is going to go wrong at any given moment, and suffering is going to ensue. We are sure we will lose our money, our health, our relationships, and our love, and we will feel pain and loss even when no challenge has occurred, just thinking about the possibility of these events, so we try to plan constantly to prevent this from happening. This is an awful feeling, and perhaps even a useless feeling.

Trust is the opposite of this constant worst case scenario, daydreaming hell we have become accustomed to. Trust is a knowing that things have a way of working out that is beyond what we can cognitively understand. Trust is knowing we are here on Earth for a reason, and not by accident, and that the content of our lives is substantial and meaningful, even when we can’t always see the evidence of this in our moment to moment reality. Trust is taking a deep breath and finding ease, even when things are uncertain and uncomfortable. And can life ever be uncertain and uncomfortable.

It doesn’t take much looking to see that our human journey is not one that can be steered by mind and ego. If you could steer your life with your mind, then you would have a million dollars in the bank right now, and everyone you love would be completely happy and healthy. If the mind could make life happen, we all would have done it by now.

But no, the mind and ego are limited. The mind is great for making grocery lists and doing math equations and worrying about events that will never ever happen. But for connecting with your deepest desires and manifesting your highest fulfillment in life? This most important task needs you to look elsewhere than the mind to access what is really true for you.

And what will you hear when you move away from the fearful mind and into the deepest recesses of your being?

You will hear a lot of information that surprises you, but ultimately resonates with your deepest sense of self. Trust is a journey that opens you up to trusting your deepest truths. And after you get over the shock of what you learn about yourself, a deep well of gratitude will open up at the ability to feel the most you possible, and to live in the world as your true, destined, authentic self.

This is what the soul lesson of trust offers us. Worth the ass-kicking it gives first, wouldn’t you say?

You will need to be courageous for this trust journey, as well as committed, and you’ll need to make time and space. You will need to be willing to be quiet and unsettled and let the mind get stirred up without being involved in it.

Trust will take you in directions you never imagined. You are going in those directions anyway, but mostly, you are kicking and screaming, complaining and resisting, while life tries to take you in the direction you need to go for your soul growth.

When we switch our inner alignment from fearing everything will turn out wrong, to trusting everything occurring is exactly as it is for good reason, and that it is taking us where we need to go, then we start to see that life has a way of trying to help take us in the direction we need.

We don’t trust because we are sure. We trust because we are unsure, and trust feels so much better than fear, and brings more successful results.

From an alignment of trusting our personal bumpy road, life can become a magical adventure unfolding in front of us, if we choose to see it that way. From ego/mind alignment, life seems like a scary disaster, and we often tell everyone around us this is so.

Trust asks of you to let go of your idea of what your life is supposed to look like and instead embrace each moment exactly as it is. Trust asks you to let go of approving of the moment at hand and instead just observe and experience it to your fullest extent for the simple reason that this is the way the moment is, so it is the truest reality to be fully experienced.

Trust isn’t easy but its results are magnificent.

You’ll need patience, though, to embody trust. You’ll need persistence, too, because as you become committed to trust, the challenges in front of you might increase. Yes, I’m talking about being tested. And you’ll definitely need a sense of humor because things can get ridiculous as you are tested on the path of trust.

But as you master trust and master applying trust to the suffering of your human existence, each challenge in front of you will only support your inner belief that trust is the way to go. You’ll be so glad in the end that you kept choosing to trust.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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