February 17, 2021

Stuck in a Pattern of Dating Disasters? How to Find your Blind Spot & Attract the Men you Want. {Partner}

Relationship Coach, Anna Rova & Her Good Man

This article is written in partnership with Claimed—they’re dedicated to helping successful women flip the script on their dating woes and we’re honored to work with them. ~ ed.

“Men are immature, emotionally unavailable a**holes who can’t be trusted.” 

Yes or no?

The reason why you keep attracting men who fit this description lies in your answer to that question.

Certified Feminine Embodiment and relationship coach Anna Rova is no stranger to the shock, denial, and even anger that arises in many women when she drops this particular truth bomb.

Well, hold on to your hat…because it’s just the first of many she has to offer.

Anna is the founder of “Claimed,” a unique coaching program and community designed to help successful women transform their relationship reality.

What she has to say will probably fly in the face of every belief you have about men, your relationships with them, and yourself as a woman.

And that’s precisely the point. Because it’s our beliefs about men and relationships that are causing and perpetuating the painful dating loop that so many of us are stuck in. You know, the one that leaves us wondering,

“Where have all the good men gone?”

Feminine/Masculine Polarity & two (maybe surprising, definitely game-changing) Secrets to being “Claimed.”

1. Release Control.

You won’t attract the kind of man you want (you know, that committed, masculine, emotionally-available man of your dreams) if you’re in your head all the time.

Overthinking, rationalizing, intellectualizing…is slowly killing one woman at a time, especially in our relationships. You can’t think your way to or through a relationship.

In fact, this being in our heads and being in control all the time is an avoidance strategy of the feminine. And the masculine is repelled by it. Let him do the thinking of where your relationship is going. Your job is to be.

2. Let Him Lead.

Men will rise and step up if we, women, let them. Oftentimes we don’t trust our men to deal with important issues of life, and we need to change that.

That’s not to say we give up our independence or our choice. So, before you get your feminist placards out, this is neither about going back to the 50s nor is it about doing all the work.

You can’t do it all and that’s the point. You are not a workhorse. You are a wild horse.

There is a feminine way to lead . We can lead with our deep intuition, wisdom, and emotional intelligence. We can lead teams, companies, and countries. By being women.

This is good news!

You don’t need to work so hard just to keep swimming in the shallow end of the relationship pond.

You are not broken.

You can get off this merry-go-round of unfulfilling relationships that you’re on and get a one-way ticket on the fast train to attracting a committed, masculine man. (Yes, they are out there.)

“How to Start Attracting Committed Masculine Men by Releasing Control & Letting Him Lead.” Register for her upcoming class, free >>

What you’re experiencing in your relationships with men, things like:

>> Destructive or codependent patterns
>> Having your boundaries crossed
>> Attracting emotionally immature, weak men who don’t have their life together
>> Being left feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing wrong…

None of these things is the actual problem. They’re symptoms.

The world is, in fact, full of good men. We’re just not attracting them because, well…how can we if we don’t believe they exist in the first place?

We can choose to live in a world where the reality is “there are great men.” And allow men to step into that space.

Before we can create that space, there are 3 Key Shifts to make, as Anna explains in her Free Training for Successful Women:

Relationship Coach, Anna Rova & Her Good Man

From Exhausted, Disconnected & Alone to Fulfilled, Tuned-in & Happily Married to her Committed, Masculine Man: Anna’s story.

For many years, Anna experienced the same relationship symptoms many successful, driven women like her—like you—are living through.

Until she discovered and began to unpack the beliefs and behaviours at the root of her struggles—not only with men but within herself. As she began to put the methodologies she now teaches other women into practice, she experienced a dramatic shift in her own life.

Today, she travels the world rediscovering her own version of success, doing work that inspires her, alongside her committed, masculine man and the family they have created together.

Her unique online group coaching program, “Claimed,” is the culmination of her life’s work.

And it all started with dropping out of her head and into her body, releasing long-held beliefs and behaviours that do not serve, letting go of control, and letting him lead.

Feminine-Masculine Polarity & Feminine Embodiment: the core of the “Claimed” program.

Feminine-Masculine…what now? 

It’s a subject Anna is obsessed with. Stay curious and keep an open mind long enough, and you’ll find it changes your perspective on…just about everything, from your relationships to how you feel in your own body.

She’s accumulated hours of research, writing, and addictive podcast episodes interviewing experts and expanding on her understanding of this topic.

More than training, this is an experience: join Anna’s next class >>

Anna explains in a recent episode:

“So many of us are living in a ‘hypermasculine,’ go-go-go mode all of the time, and are thus attracting feminine men, and also attracting emotionally unavailable men. We are attracting what we are mirroring.

Feminine Embodiment is a modality that takes you out of your head and into your own body. It allows you to feel deeply and release layers of piled, frozen tension in your body. Essentially, it’s getting to the truth of who you are as a woman.

I work with a lot of women who have been in therapy for years…and what they’re missing is the embodiment piece.”

We don’t need to fill our heads with more dating tricks and tips: we need to experience the shift and transformation in our bodies.

Feminine Embodiment with Anna Rova

Feminine embodiment is a much more sustainable way to show up with men and in our lives.

As Anna says, the goal is not to get engaged or married but simply to have a toolbox of practices and knowledge about this universal dynamic of Feminine and Masculine polarity, and to be able to feel and practice it in real life and in relationships with men.

And as a practice that springs out of our own deep, inner wisdom as women. Wisdom we already carry in our bodies. It’s a process of releasing rather than reaching yet another “goal” we need to achieve.

We don’t need to learn more tips or tricks. We need to learn to let go. Again and again. Shedding, layer by layer, this thick, tough “skin” that we’ve been piling up over the years.

“It’s not about dating or men. It’s about you. How well you know yourself. How well can you trust yourself, your instincts and show up raw and vulnerable? From a place of nothing to prove. Nothing to perform for. Just you and your truth.

The closer you get to yourself and your truth through embodiment and embracing the chaos within your feminine essence, the sooner the man you’re looking for will arrive.

Let go to attract. Release to welcome in. Accept to let go.” ~ Anna Rova

Start letting go of your deep-rooted beliefs about men & relationships: register for Anna’s free online training, here >>


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