February 12, 2021

5 Ways to Break our Addiction to Drama & Find the Love Instead.


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Remember when the Black Eyed Peas asked the world, “Where is the love?”

They recommended that we meditate, not hate, and not discriminate. The world was described as one addicted to the drama. A lot of groups were called out as disruptors and it was advised that “we gotta have love to set it straight.”

All these years later, and here we go again.

It may seem like a losing game. Love seems to allude those who need it most. Governments seem to not understand the needs of those they govern. People choose over and over to be justified in their opinion rather than be kind. Conversations are consumed with speaking and not listening.

Is there hope for love?

Do we have a chance in a world where greed, violence, and hatred run rampant?

We do.

Most of what we perceive as the world falling into itself and collapsing is just that. Perception.

Some people understand that thoughts matter. And understanding is the first step to empathy. What we offer the world is what we receive in return. Seems simple? It is.

Here are five ways to affect the world in a positive way. You may notice they have only to do with how we change ourselves—because that is exactly how it works:

  1. Offer loving thoughts to those around you. If for some reason you find that hard for some of the people around you, think of only those who are pleasing to your mind. Those you see in grocery stores, those you see in screens, and those you find dancing across your mind. Send loving thoughts.
  2. Be nice and quiet about it. Not everyone has to understand how compassionate you are, or what a good person you have become. Help others for their sake only and keep a secret with the universe.
  3. Withhold your opinion. Not every thought deserves a response. Not every action deserves a reaction. Sometimes it is best to acknowledge that you may not understand and move on. Every issue is not a ticking time bomb.
  4. Stay focused. Developing character and compassion in the world is a daunting task for some. Practice making decisions and following through on simple goals—even if it is simply brushing your teeth or deciding what to make for dinner.
  5. Give people a break. Most people are not responding to you or your words. They are reacting to the day or life they have experienced. What people think of you is of no consequence when you are true to yourself. Not everyone who teaches understands, and not everyone who offers help does it with grace—and this is true for all of us at times.

There are many ways to begin to look for love. What is most important is that we begin. Whatever you call it, there is love. Wherever you look, it is there.

Sometimes we forsake the knowing of love for the convenience of understanding. Open yourself to possibility in all things. Give yourself a break on occasion. Let love flow through you rather than only demand it.

The world is crazy. It just is.

But maybe we need some people crazy enough to believe it is worth saving—that it’s worth the love.


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