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February 26, 2021

I WANT TO…Inspirational Poem

I would say in the last year reflection has been coloring many of my days, presumably many of yours too.

Undeniably, inability to move from our own physical turf, to follow through long term plans and goals, to expand beyond our immediate environment, to travel and meet our nearest and dearest, has affected us all. Necessity of living today-is to stay grounded where we are.

On the other hand, more awaken and alive than before are my cognitive powers and artistic sense; my  thinking brain is certainly expanding its horizons. I am expanding my knowledge and my vision into unknown parts of myself with vigor and thirst for more.

More than before, life is offering a chance for the revision of lessons learned. More than before, I can see clearer in myself and recognise my strength, my resolve to come through and move forward…


I want to move on
To new pastures, brighter and wider,
Greener in space.
I want to open to new planes,
Uninhabited with past mistakes.

I want to experience new invitations,
Warm and welcoming into secure hands.
I want to believe in new beginnings,
I want to forgive unspoken regrets,
I want to walk in, determined in new winnings.

I want to forget ends…
I want to move on into future,
Adopt fresh beliefs of -All is possible,
Assured that struggle and grief
Will be replaced with relief and peace…
Hope will prevail in all cases.

Slowly releasing stale, unproductive,

Burdening thoughts of unworthiness…
Oh yes, I want to feel worthy!

I want to forgive and forget,
Errors in judgement and false promises,
Expectations and odd choices…
End of the rainbows that I didn’t reach,
Targets that were never met.

I want to tell my soul:
“Faith is what keeps you afloat,
Preaching freedom on chosen path,
Staying strong in my resolve,
Will bring me closer to myself.”

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