March 8, 2021

Dear Women: it’s Time to Return to our Essence & Heal Ourselves.

A call for the deep feminine: let’s heal the planet through returning to our hearts.

Dear woman, come back to your heart.

It’s in the feeling-it-all that your true power lies.

It’s in the pain of your heart and the struggles in your head that your path is being paved to take you to the greatest piece of puzzle called your life.

It’s in the irregular heartbeats when you weep or mourn or grieve that your true nectar is hidden.

Come back to your senses.

Return to your sensuous spirit.

The way you taste the sun on your skin and the way you move your hips to the music. The way your body arouses to the touch of your lover. The way you evoke something in him, or her.

It’s in the way your breasts hang freely on your chest when you soak your body in the moonlight.

It’s in the way you look at the stars and feel the flame of the dark night within, waking you up from your old, long sleep.

Woman, come back to your body.

Connect with your skin. Your bones. Your hands. Your legs. Cast the spells—only you know how to create magic.

Caress your skin the same way a lover would.

Breathe the fire of your anger and resentment, and let it heal you.

Breathe the fire of disappointments, failures, messiness, and so-called mistakes, and let them guide you to where you belong.

Breathe slowly through your aching chest as you off-load through tears and sounds and remove old pain from your system.

Move your body and allow it to speak to you.

Connect with your pussy and feel her inside your heart—because they are one.

Dance naked or roll on the cold floor and allow your repressed insanity to come out.

Hold space for all of you.

Allow your ancient trauma to process itself through movement and feel it deeply until it leaves you.

Woman, come back to your heart.

The path to true, deep feminine womanhood starts there. Inside your body.

Your body is the greatest intelligence and source of creation that is.

Drop from your head to your body, toward your heart, and be present in that center.

Change your ways of being.

Feel—and be anything you feel.

Woman, you are wise, wild, and free.

Go back to those qualities that you have forgotten or mistaken for something else.

Your true power resides inside the walls of your heart.

It’s time for the deep feminine to rise through the ashes of the old.

I am also dying to the old me.

Falling into my heart space has been a great source of pain for me lately.

Because I had to allow the old and the new within me that was unfelt, ignored, and pushed away to come out and be processed through my body—to be released from my nervous system.

We have had enough of the old ways of being.

Have you not noticed how the global pandemic has made us face ourselves and our lives in total nudity?

We cannot hide anymore from anything.

We can’t numb or distract ourselves back to sleep.

This is a time of deeper awakening.

As the world turns, so are we and our lives.

This is a time to go within and operate from the heart space by generating more compassion, natural kindness, and a helping hand for those who need it.

This is a time to check in with everything from the heart space.

And this is not for the weak.

It requires strength to feel it all, to allow the universe and life to penetrate all layers of our being. To fall on our knees and pray, to do a ritual that heals us and shifts us into a new way of being.

Woman, you are needed for all of this—now, more than ever.

Let’s rise the planet by rising the deep feminine essence within each one of us.



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Read 2 comments and reply

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