March 27, 2021

Hell hath no Fury like Piers Morgan Scorned.

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Do not be a Piers Morgan.

I’ve been trying to figure out why I am so triggered by Piers Morgan’s recent storming out of Good Morning Britain and his Twitter rants about Gayle King, Oprah, and, of course, Meghan Markle.

This man stated he is the “real victim of bullying” and has “vowed to retaliate.”

If you aren’t aware of what has transpired, Morgan has been publicly bashing Meghan Markle since her interview with Oprah, repeatedly denying her claims of her mental health struggles and had taken up the hobby of trashing her daily for at least a week.

The backstory is this: Morgan once was “social media friends” with Markle. They spoke via email about politics and various social issues, and he sang her praises as such a marvelous, intelligent, beautiful, and promising young woman!

While in London, they met for drinks at his favorite pub. She began dating Harry and “ghosted” him. During his Good Morning Britain TV Show another broadcaster, challenged him, stating she was entitled to sever their contact, wasn’t she?

Nope. Instead, he refused to answer, and Piers lost his sh*t on live TV.


How dare she?

As women, we all have met a Piers Morgan and hell hath no fury like a man who has been shot down!

Morgan is the reason why women smile politely and say, “No, thank you” to someone repeatedly offering to buy them a drink.

It’s because they know there could be consequences. We could be yelled at, called a b*tch, or publicly humiliated. And honestly, that is the least of our worries—women have been shot dead for not paying attention to a man by stroking their egos with a dance or a conversation.

Men like Piers Morgan are the reason why women don’t make a scene or a fuss—why women would rather give a wrong phone number than not give one at all. We know retaliation is a real and ever-present danger.

Men like Piers Morgan are the reason women stay in toxic partnerships. They fear they might be smeared or have someone call their workplace or their family or their friends or post about them on social media—report them as crazy, unhinged, “off the rails.”

That girl, she’s come undone and can’t be trusted.

Men like Morgan are the reason women stay in abusive marriages. Women fear retaliation and know the threats all too well—threats to turn their children against their spouse or quit their job, so they never have to pay support. 

She is a liar, a cheat, a whore. 

Or far worse: threats of real and imminent harm. 

If they can’t have her, well, then no one can. 

Hence why leaving is noted as the most dangerous time for women exiting an abusive relationship.

Meghan Markle was a social media friend who met Morgan once privately over martinis, and this is the price she has paid as a consequence of his rejection.

It’s a story as old as time. Ask any woman; she likely has one or more of her own.

Now I’m not saying all men are like Morgan. Yes, there are good men—lots of them.

I am saying that we don’t know who the good ones are and who the bad ones are. So many of us sadly (but also instinctively) fear them all until we know. And far too often, women find out the hard way.

We need good men to hold men like Morgan accountable—to flat out reject this kind of behavior.

We need men to say, “No, this is not humorous; this is not his right to his opinion, and this not acceptable. He does not represent us.”

Toxic masculinity will end, not only by women calling it out but when men stop permitting other men to be toxic. 

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Read 2 comments and reply

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