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March 3, 2021

We Need Each Other; No One Should Suffer Alone

Suffering is destined, you must be warned.

Fate demands we give a piece of our heart.

We’ve all bled, we’ve grieved, we’ve ached and we’ve mourned.

For bread and roses, we each do our part.

Like energy, it transfers between us.

Suffering exists and it can’t be destroyed.

Embrace it when it feels superfluous,

We all take turns, so resist schadenfreude.

Carbon dioxide forms a diamond jewel

with unbearable heat and high pressure.

Like enduring trials and hardships fuel

a vantage point where the air is fresher.

Look under every shadow of the sun

and you’ll find where suffering lives.

It knocks us down like a chain reaction,

but we stand up and decide to forgive.

But standing with absence of emotion

Or suffering unwanted solitude,

Being alone with no one’s devotion

is the most insufferable, I conclude.

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