March 25, 2021

“When you can’t Breathe & your Heart feels like it is being squeezed so tight…Let Go.”—a Message from your Soul.

“I envy that Autumn, that letting go always seems easy and beautiful.”
~ Vishii


As I lean into the sadness,

the despair, the struggle.

I allow my soul to arise and speak.

“What are you here to tell me?” I ask, my voice trembling.

“I want to tell you that I am here,

that I need to be seen, to be heard, to be felt.

I need to be acknowledged.”

“Opening my heart to you scares me,” I say, as my tears begin to fall.

“Do not run from me,” says Soul.

“I am here to tell you that it’s okay to be afraid,

but the voice of fear is not mine.

Mine is only heard in the quiet space,

the space that dwells below the chaotic hum of ego.

I am here to tell you to allow all that arises to be…

but do not grasp it.

I want to tell you that you are safe with me.

You are loved beyond measure.

You matter much more than you realize.

My messages are meant to bring you home,

to show you where you are stuck,

where you are holding when it’s time to release.

I am the voice of your heart.

I am here to guide you back to that place of deep knowing,

to ease your burdens,

to open your heart and mind to your infinite possibilities.

Do not resist me.

I mean you no harm.

When you feel alone,

when your life feels like a much-too-small dress,

when your words come out all wrong,

when you can’t breathe,

and your heart feels like it is being squeezed so tight…

let go.

Do not hold onto the storyline.

Those harsh words you say to yourself?

That is not me speaking.

The unkindness you show yourself?

It makes me weep.

Why do you doubt your place here?

Your magnificence?

Your preciousness?

Why is it so easy to believe your ego when it tells you lies?

This is where the struggle resides.

There is no struggle in truth,

only surrender.

Let go of the idea that letting go means loss.

It is only with open hands that you are able to receive.

Create a new truth,

one that fits,

that feels soft and flowing, like a silk dress.

Remember, a broken heart is an open heart.

Embrace your tears.

Compassion lives in your tears.

We are birthing a new Earth,

a unique and beautiful consciousness.

We are healing ancient wounds.

Go easy on yourself, precious one.

Slow down and allow all that is emerging to weave through you,

connecting you to your source.

You are being gifted a fresh start,

a blank canvas on which to paint a different way of being.

How do you want that to look?

What does that feel like?

If it doesn’t feel divine, delicious, honest…

begin again.

Don’t swim against the flow.

Be the flow.

Be the light.

Be the love.

Follow your bliss.

Please believe you are always fully supported by the universe.”

~ in love and service, Your Soul

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Read 4 comments and reply

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