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March 8, 2021

Spring transformation

March Intentions – written March 7

Although I know the tenuous nature of this time of year, I also know that the season of spring is upon us. Daffodils are coming up. Crocuses are blooming. Buds on my camellia are fattening up, ready to burst forth, as are the Japanese magnolias. Birds and deer are mating. The daylight is extending to nearly 6pm and daylight savings time begins next weekend extending the daylight even further. Even though we are still in the throes of this pandemic, it is time to come out of our deep slumber, shed our winter skin and join Mother Nature in her re-birth.

On this date last year, I had my last catering job before the big shut down due to covid 19. It is only fitting and all the more poignant that today was the day I received my first covid 19 vaccination. While we still have to proceed with caution there is hope which springs eternal into this coming out of hibernation. Caution towards the next deep freeze of the season, because we know there will be one, which will kill man of these early bloomers. Caution towards the next covid variants coming our way. Caution in keeping ever vigilant in training a keen eye towards other local, state, national and global marauders on the horizon. We must not be fooled again.

The messages of this past year have been harsh. Threats from deadly weather storms, political strife, dastardly viruses, protests over police brutality and systemic racism, a Christmas uni-bomber in my city of Nashville, and riotous and treasonous attacks on state officials and our very Capitol, drew a black cloud over our horizon. And yet, still, life pushes up through the dirt, insects emerge from their mulched coverings of leaves, animals begin their spring mating rituals-all of this beckoning us to rise up. It is the season of transformation. Our religious traditions all speak to this transforming, this rising up, this ascendance into heaven. We start a new conversation filled with hope for today and a promise for a better tomorrow.

I will never forget the lessons I learned over this past year, but I received a blessed shot in the arm of hope today…

Transformational Intentions:

  1. Transform – make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance or character of myself.
  2. Transfigure – transform into something more beautiful or more worthy
  3. Transcend – BE or GO BEYOND the range or limits of my being
  4. Transmogrify – transform in a surprising or magical manner
  5. Transmogrify it is…

And so it is…

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