March 13, 2021

Sundays are for Poetry & Masturbation.

Self-care Sundays are real.

Dedicating a day to pamper our tired self can reenergize us for the whole week ahead. Trend or truth?

Having an investment day is sanity. Some people think that getting a facial and lighting up candles means taking care of ourselves in a superficial way. I think they are missing the point. Having a day or a few hours for ourselves is simply doing things that nurture us, doing things that make us smile—that make us feel blessed to breathe, to be alive.

We live in crazy times.

With so much going on at all times, it feels like turning on a blender: TV shows, magazine articles, three hours of Instagram feeds, and problems topped with some neurosis and self-doubt. This is like an electric shock to our brains while our mind screams for help. Can we please have some silence? Some fresh air? Can we have a day for ourselves?

I write poetry on my Sunday-investment day—whatever my heart needs to pour out.

Waking up to a steaming vanilla coffee, setting a small white wooden table outside right across the lemon tree, writing poems is really not too bad. I also get to see so many birds.

I write because it makes me so happy. Poems to me are like eating almond cookies—I can never have enough.

This is my poem for today—I feel so happy sharing it with you:

I think of us kissing, singing unforgettable songs.
I know spring is almost coming,
even though, for me, it started a few months ago.

Add hope. This hope brightens my days—
days that are rainy, sunny, cloudy, blue, sometimes red.

I know only good things can come from you.
I will never forget that being in your arms is a sweet home—
a home that I am lucky enough to visit.

I thank God that our hands got to touch,
and to all my lucky stars,
how can I wish from you what I have already found?

As for self-care practices, here are a few tips:

Yes, Light up Those Candles.

Nurture your senses—nice smells can make the ambiance much more enjoyable, not to mention how pretty peonies-smelling candles look lit up.

Listen to Music that Makes you Sing.

Sing outside the shower—singing is such good therapy. Depending on the type of Sunday, I sometimes sing the classics—Ella Fitzgerald, Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Elvis. Nat says:

“When I give my heart, it will be completely
Or I’ll never give my heart
And the moment I can feel that you feel that way too
Is when I fall in love with you.”

Masturbation Time.

Having the pleasure of touching our body and feeling our own skin is pure art. Relaxing to our self-love shouldn’t happen just because we are feeling hot and bothered. It can be an amazing way to connect with ourselves. To learn to be comfortable in our own skin and let our bodies know it’s okay to feel.

How can we know how we like to be touched if we don’t know for ourselves what feels best for us?

Listen to Yourself and Act Accordingly.

We don’t need a to-do list to know what we should do.

Sunday-care can be allowing ourselves to do nothing; to stay longer in bed; to drink our delicious coffee in silence; maybe reading a book that we love; to enjoy a shower without the pressure of having to be somewhere else; to enjoy the warm water, running through our bodies, giving a massage to our tired legs.

How does your investment day look like?

Do you bake, write, sing, do yoga? Maybe spend some time in the bathtub with lavender salt?

How do you pamper your beautiful self?



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Read 4 comments and reply

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