March 10, 2021

The Secret to Helping Others is Helping Yourself: Making your own Magic.

Close to 15 years ago now, I visited Stonehenge, England.

We were able to buy tickets to visit before it opened so we could get right up to the stones instead of viewing them from a path at a distance.

A full moon shone down from the sky as we drove there before dawn. We watched the sunrise become a backdrop for the massive monoliths—it was a magical moment.

I then went off by myself to lean with my back against one of the stones. I was curious about their mystery. Eyes closed, I silently asked, “What is your secret? What message do you have for us?”

I waited. And I was given an answer:

It’s all about vibration, like music.

This was the magical mystery revealed. The stones reminded me of a simple truth that Albert Einstein taught in the field of quantum physics. This truth is something I remind myself of often and aim to live by.

Where is my focus?

How am I vibrating?

Am I enjoying the music that is playing out as the song of my life?

Here’s a little lesson in magic with a nod to Stonehenge and to our friend Al.

I love the barter system. I trade with a massage therapist: a life coaching and energy session for her, and on another day, a massage for me.  Pre-pandemic, I closed her last session with some energy balancing.

“What magic were you working? I never felt that way before. It was amazing!” she exclaimed.

Here’s the secret. I didn’t work on her. I worked on me. As I focused on each of my energy centers and organs and raised the vibration, she entrained to me. And at the end of that session, we were resonating together and I received a healing as well. It happens every time. It’s vibrational “magic.”

Now let me take you to a situational scenario.

Turmoil ensued after an unfair directive of a supervisor at my job. I couldn’t change him, so I worked on me. I calmed down the sad, not-feeling-understood-appreciated-loved-or-safe child within, every time she got upset.

And since I felt anything but, I silently wished this person peace while I held myself there as well. As many times a day as I got distressed about him, I took an opportunity to stop, find the smile within me, and bring him into that space until I could relax and smile again. I looked past his heavy persona to the true lightness and innocence beyond.

Then, I let him go:

Peace be with you. I wish you peace. Go in peace.

It took three days, but my buttons weren’t pushed by the thought or sight of him anymore. Nothing was arising. I knew my inner work was done. This situation was an opportunity for me to burn off emotional weight by developing spiritual muscle.

And here’s the kicker.

At a staff meeting on the third day after the incident, a colleague (who was entirely in the dark about what I had been through) asked a related question of his supervisor, and that erroneous directive was undone. Just like that. More “magic.”

Justice prevailed for me because I was in just the right place, in that inner space of peace and of nothing arising—even though it took a lot of effort and angst to get there.

And I learned the lesson. My integrity does not depend on another’s approval. Now this lesson, like most lessons of an emotional nature, would come around again and again as deeper layers of the psyche emerge. For now, I got this layer. And I got it good.

As the science of physics demonstrates, energy precedes matter. In the same way, being precedes doing in its importance. The space we do things from is paramount to and influences the things we do.

A poster child for a magical lightness of being, a sweet friend of mine in England, creates delightful artwork, full of color and whimsy and life; and her art graces my books thus far. She emailed me today and, in part, said she feels embarrassed to be filling her home with food and flowers and creating an Eden for herself. This is a woman whose husband passed away suddenly from a heart attack over a decade ago. She was homeless for a time and lived on social assistance, raising three children on her own.

I wrote back.

You are worthy! You have manifested these things to support your vibration, which supports the entire planet. It is the greatest singular thing you can do. Be joyous.

I leave you to be the magic, dear readers.

I wish you peace. And I wish you joy.

Fill your home with food and flowers or whatever feeds your soul, and create an Eden for yourself. Create this peaceful place within yourself, too. The way back to the garden is at hand.


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