April 13, 2021

50 Things that Make Life Worth Living.

Life Worth Living

To say the past year has been challenging would be an understatement.

I have to admit I’ve had some moments where I felt like I’d hit rock bottom. I know there are many people who have felt the same. Many of us have never lived through a pandemic before, and the effect it has had on our mental health will perhaps stay with us for quite some time to come.

I’ve written this list of 50 things that make life worth living (even if sometimes it doesn’t seem that way).

I hope some of these manage to bring a little smile to your face.

  1. Hearing the sound of heavy rain hitting your window when you’re wrapped up warm in bed.
  2. The next season of “Grace and Frankie.”
  3. Feeling the warmth of the sun hitting your skin.
  4. The powerful feeling you get after a great workout.
  5. A hug, especially when you haven’t seen that person in such a long time.
  6. …seeing new places.
  7. The smell of coffee in the morning.
  8. Getting into bed with fresh new sheets (Omg, love this!).
  9. Dog and puppy kisses.
  10. A bubbly warm bath after a long day.
  11. Going for a massage. *heaven*
  12. New opportunities…a new job, a new relationship, a new pet.
  13. Pizza (not with pineapple topping though).
  14. A warm cup of tea (and a biscuit)
  15. Watching the sun set over the sea.
  16. Watching the flowers bloom in spring.
  17. It doesn’t matter what kind of dancing, just dancing.
  18. Kisses.
  19. A neck adjustment at the chiropractor (it feels amazeballs).
  20. Ice cream.
  21. Buying new cool outfits for yourself.
  22. Snowfights. Anything to do with snow.
  23. Snuggling up in bed with your pet.
  24. Doing something kind for someone.
  25. Baking.
  26. The smell of a new book (or a newspaper).
  27. Not having to set the alarm the next morning.
  28. Going on a road trip.
  29. A weekend break in the countryside.
  30. Spending a good day with your friends (so much that you forget to look at your phone).
  31. Reading new books.
  32. Discovering a new talent you have.
  33. The taste of fresh fruit on a hot summer’s day.
  34. The taste of a warm soup on a cold winter’s day.
  35. Falling in love.
  36. Christmases.
  37. Compliments from strangers.
  38. Making a baby laugh.
  39. Blasting out your favourite song on the radio.
  40. Karaoke nights (embarrassing but oh so fun).
  41. Ear-gasms (and all the other ones).
  42. Laughing until you cry.
  43. Going to the movies with your friends (oh and popcorn, sweet and salty of course).
  44. Finding out you have a lot more in common with a person than you originally thought.
  45. Dark chocolate.
  46. Netflix bingeing.
  47. Having a house clear-out.
  48. The sound of a crackling fireplace.
  49. Getting a new haircut or trying a new hairstyle.
  50. Handwritten cards (they’re so much more special).

Can you think of any more?

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen” ~ John Wooden


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Read 12 comments and reply

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