April 18, 2021

A Little Letter to the Empath: Stop Trying to Save Everyone.


Hey you,

Yes you, the Empath. The one who feels everything so deeply.

It often feels like this world is too harsh. You find yourself drowning in your own emotions…and other people’s. It’s hard when you realise not everyone has the same heart you do—and it’s a kick in the gut when they walk all over you.

You’re probably the listener, the rock, the “mum” or “dad” of your friendship group. You can pick up on the tiniest things that feel “off,” things that others probably wouldn’t notice.

You feel so connected to people, even when you sometimes don’t want to.

Feeling everything can be damn exhausting. That’s why spending time alone is so necessary for us Empaths. We need time to process everything. You feel like it’s your duty and mission to help everyone around you.

But I’m going to let you in on a little secret:

You can’t save everyone.

I know it’s in your nature to want to help everyone, but really, you can’t.

The sad thing is: you have the power to make others feel good, and yet you often don’t know how to make yourself feel good.

You have a truly beautiful gift. Some will take advantage of it. Some will envy it. Some will (thankfully) appreciate it.

But please, save yourselves first. It all starts with you. You have to put on your own oxygen mask first before helping anyone else, remember?

So, what makes you happy?

Dance? Art? Music? Exercise? Spending quality time with friends? Singing? Sky diving?

Please, do more of it. Do lots of it!

Try less “doing things for everyone,” and more “being.” Just enjoy the moment. You also deserve to have fun, to de-stress, to relax. You are so good at giving to others, but sometimes you have to do the same for yourself.  You owe it to yourself.

You are so damn special. A healer, a teacher, a carer, an artist, a nurturer, a lover. And this planet needs you. You were brought into this world to make it a much better place.


From a fellow “deep feeler”


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Read 30 comments and reply

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