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April 24, 2021

An Oracle Insight

“Many only see what’s wrong with the world, and they call themselves awakened. You see, there are many stages and realizations on your awakening journey.

In the beginning stages, you begin to grow your awareness and suddenly notice that there is more to life then what you previously believed; you are looking at things from a different perspective. You are seeing what’s wrong, to catapult yourself outward to explore the truth of life.

Seeking greater does not mean that what you came out of was wrong. It was a different reality, you are now changing yours. It means you are evolving and exploring to see what else is there to find. You are only in the beginning stages of awakening.

On your journey, you will receive many great insights that lead you to breaking through old constructs of realities you outgrew. It does still not mean that they are wrong, it’s just a different reality, a different level of awareness.

Remember to occasionally touch base with yourself, your heart and inner spaces, to embrace compassion for yourself and others who may not be where you have ventured. To them, you look insane. They have not gone on the journey you are on.

To judge others for where they are at, is like judging yourself, you are judging the infant you once were.

Honor yourself by honoring others for who they are and meet them where they are at. Not to diminish your own light but to lend a step or a hand on someone else’s journey.

To run away and leave everything behind only serves yourself.”

~Sabrina Goeldlin

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