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April 21, 2021

Dear Mother, it is Your time  

Dear Mother, it is your time.

Dear Mother, strong with intent, fragile with repent. I know now that you are only human.

Did I ever show you how much I missed you that time I first left home? Oh, but it was so long ago. I’ve been away a lot since then, your loyalty and sturdiness is always there to defend. Despite your own hardships, loss, pain, you never shy or wither away. You stand strong, whole yet broken, ready for me. When my latest boyfriend breaks my heart, when I have open surgery and need help to heal the scars. You’re there. Always and anywhere.

But what about you? How much of your life will you give to me? Voluntarily, even though I do not want you to volunteer, I fear, for you.

One day you will wake, I will be a mother too.

Do you die only a mother? Or can you now give love to another?

Dear Mother, it is your time. Let them see you shine.

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Read 11 comments and reply

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