April 26, 2021

Full Moon in Scorpio: It’s Time to Dive Deeper into Ourselves. {April 26}

*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


We will be experiencing a full moon in Scorpio on Monday, April 26th.

When the moon is full, it shines a light on the darkest parts of ourselves—the ones that we have been working so hard to push deep within our beings.

The parts of ourselves that we may be afraid to face.

Full moon energy can help us to see what is inside of us that is calling out to be heard and listened to. Once we decide to engage with these parts of ourselves, we can then decide if we want to release them or hold onto them.

The important thing is the power within us that affects our actions shifts back to us instead of unconsciously arising in unexpected moments.

Scorpio is a deep and mysterious sign that likes to get to the bottom of things. It’s associated element is water, which has the ability of fluidity and adaptation. During this time, the Scorpio full moon asks us to question our inner world—to study every nook and cranny within us so that we might transform ourselves into something even greater.

Why are we so afraid of who we are?

I firmly believe that the biggest obstacle to our dreams, ambitions, and goals is ourselves. We are the ones who choose to hold ourselves back based on fear, doubts, procrastination, and unhealthy choices.

What we fear most is that we are greater than we could ever imagine. That we can achieve anything we want to! I feel that this is what truly scares us.

This is wild when we actually stop to think about it. I have definitely felt this is my life. It is like “waiting for the other shoe to drop” when aspects of my life are going well…almost too well it seems.

But this is all bullsh*t. We are trained to believe that our lives cannot be the great adventures that we imagine them to be. We believe that we cannot have all that we want. We believe that it is stupid to even dream so why bother trying. I am not trying to say that bad things will not happen along the way (I like to think of them as lessons or roadblocks). Rather, I am trying to say that there is nothing holding us back from becoming who we want to be except ourselves.

Think about all of the times you have wanted to try something and that voice in your head has rallied against it. Perhaps it spoke words of fear, doubt, or timidity. Perhaps you decided to listen to this voice. When you chose to listen to this voice, you made the choice to abandon yourself. We do this all the time. Not even with just the voices in our head, but with external things such as others’ opinions and busy schedules.

Ask yourself: Do you even know who you are? Really ask yourself.

Do not list things that are changeable, such as your occupation and relational associations. I am talking about deep inside you! Past all of the masks and the various roles we all partake in. The answer should come from the well inside of your being. To me, it is more of a feeling. Not something I hear in my head.

If you don’t have an answer to this, this is okay. At different stages of our life, we may be more sure and then lose ourselves, only to find ourselves once more. This is the beauty of the natural cycles that life offers us.

Now is the chance to take time to look within to discover ourselves.

I like to do this in a number of ways, but as with anything, you know what is best for you. So go with that!

Here are some ways I dive deeper:

1. Practicing yoga. This helps me to leave my frazzled, busy mind for a bit and bring my awareness into my somatic being. To acknowledge the presence of my body and what it may be feeling. Our bodies have an innate wisdom that can show us a lot about our inner state. You can also practice martial arts, Tai Chi, or anything else that helps you to connect with your body in a deeper way.

2. Meditation. When I really need guidance, I meditate. Usually this consists of me sitting on my meditation cushion and simply letting whatever arises come to awareness. During this time, I try to not make any judgements and just observe what is happening. You can partake in many different meditations such as walking, cooking, running, and hiking. Anything that gets you into a state of flow and presence can be considered meditation.

3. Journaling. This is one of my all-time favorite ways to connect with my deeper self. Journaling helps me get past all of the surface-layer stuff and distinguish what is really me and what is truly meant for me. During this time, I do not have to worry about outside opinions. I am free to let anything arise to the surface. Usually, this is more clarity.

4. Walking in nature. Nature is a great way to connect with ourselves. Here we begin to grow quiet and nature’s inherent wisdom shows us the way in her subtle breeze and thoughtful creations. She is a great example of just being. She never asks who she is, she just is!

These are just a few ideas to connect to your deeper self. When we can connect to this self that lives within us, we begin to see where we may need to spend more time engaging in meaningful inquiry about various aspects of our being.

We can decide what we would like to let go of, what we want to change, and what we want to enhance. When we do this, we take back the power to create the life we want.

Feel free to come up with your own ideas and engage in whatever resonates with you. This can be a heavy time for some of us, so remember to be gentle with yourself and know that you are already a worthwhile person right now.

Remember to rest and to nourish your body with exercise, rest, and healthy foods.


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