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April 7, 2021

Rape, a Ghost and the Haunting Land of Chiricuahua Part 2

Part 2 of 2
Yeshua, my lover and I arrived at the Chiricuahua campsite after dark. The land felt amazing. The lovely trees made arches over the soft pine needle covered ground. The campsite was quiet and peaceful, the perfect place to rest. I was extremely fatigued by the healing of the land. Yeshua furthered my ability to receive the peaceful energy of the land by teaching me how to intentionally feel the energy of the land for my first time. I had understood to feel the land I would need to direct my focus and my energy downward, to drop deep into the earth and ground but he explained that I also needed to spread my focus wide, to feel the weave of the blanket of the landscape. She felt soft and comforting like waves, gently rocking me to sleep.

The Dream
That night I woke up from a prophetic dream of myself and Yeshua. I experienced Yeshua and I as players in a Cosmic dance of Shiva and Shakti that we had only just begun to scratch the surface of.

In the dream there was an entity named Heart Opener traveling on a path perpendicular to the path of Yeshua and myself. I saw that the separate paths of Heart Open and ourselves, Yeshua and I, I and Yeshua would converge in Sedona. I saw that when we met Heart Opener he would ground our relationship. This grounding is what would give us the depth that both myself and Yeshua sought.

Also traveling on a convergent path to our own was the entity Sophia. In Greek the name Sophia means wisdom; I understood her to be the full embodiment of such. Sophia was attended by her red and blue hand servants. Later I would recognize Sophia’s presence by the sight of her hand servants.

All that I spoke of in the dream has since come to pass. Continue following me to read the fulfillment of my prophesy in my future writings.

The next morning I woke up exhausted. My whole body felt heavy. I sluggishly pulled myself out of bed, wanting to explore and hoping that movement would shake the fatigue out of my body. It did not. I did find a lovely comforting little plant that told me its name was heart breathe.
After some coaxing from Yeshua I managed to get dressed and breakfasted. We drove through the haunting and otherworldly Chiricahua canyon. It was very clear that the stone pillars for which Chiricahua is renowned were once living beings. You can see their features in the oddly shaped stone remnants of them. As we drove through Yeshua told me of his dream about mountains. How once the earth was covered in Giant trees the width of mountains. Eons ago something happened , the trees were torn down and the remnants of them petrified into stone. In his dream he saw that which we call mountains today are the petrified stump remnants of giant trees.
After seeing the sights we drove away from Chiricauhua. It wasn’t until we left the land that I felt the weight of my fatigue leave me. Yeshua and I made sure to stop and do a parting ceremony.

With Gratitude I thank Michaela, Yeshua, the screaming woman, her rapist, and the Shadowy spirit beings of Chiricuahua for the parts they have played in my story. May this writing do them justice and through its sharing bring healing, awakening, and joy. Aho!

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