April 12, 2021

What Heartbreak Feels Like.

Why does heartbreak feel like all the fire and flicker of light that we have within ourselves have been sucked abruptly from our body?

As though there was never a source of heat there at all, but just a void of a hollow and cold cave in the heart.

The tears that flow, are they supposed to fill the void of this cave? Or are the tears indicative of the heart breaking open and developing this cavernous hole? I believe it is both.

It’s as if each heartbreak we go through digs the cave deeper and carves out new grooves. The reality, though, is that each heartbreak we go through, the experience, the resilience we develop, the memories, and the tears we cry each time, take less and less to fill this cave up.

It’s not as if the cave goes away or that we don’t feel the cold void each time, but the more it gradually fills up with every tear and heartbreak, the space between the cold and the warmth lessens. We can sooner reach out to the fire and flicker of light—of who we are—once again waiting there for us.

That flicker, that light, and the heat of your heart and soul is always there waiting for you to give it that oxygen once again. From the cave to the light.



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Read 2 comments and reply

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