April 7, 2021

The True Stories behind the Pictures we Share on Social Media. {Nudity}

Social media users post a picture or video and we, as the observers, see them and try to make recognizable patterns (stories in our heads).

We do this so we can find meaning and make sense of the world and what we see with what we know. Sometimes those stories hinder us from actually seeing the truth, and the labels and stigmas attached are endless.

So, today I wanted to share the true behind-the-scenes of this picture and the many others I post.

My first body painting experience was done by an incredible artist and friend. We met a few years ago and this year, we finally worked together to create art.

My daughter, after meeting and chatting with him, went out bike riding with her dad. I undressed, and he tried a few colors on my skin until we found what worked. I stood there, maybe an hour or so, until the circulation in my feet disappeared (lol).

We chatted, and he painted my body. Just as we finished, I heard my daughter come back up the stairs outside my door. I ran to the door and slowly opened it, making sure it was her and her dad and greeted them with my body painted. Laine, my daughter, loved it so much she asked for face painting.

Whilst Laine and her dad played some Mario Kart and Legends of Zelda—their fave games—Fernando and I did the shoot in the lounge room. When it was all done, Laine had her face painted as a butterfly and we all had lunch together and said our farewells.

A few weeks later when the photos came back, I was looking at them. Laine sat down and said, wow. I love them mom, and your body looks wonderful without clothes or with them. She also said she wanted to learn to draw like this as Fernando is so good at drawing.

I tell you this story because behind our conditioning, stories, shame, judgments of the posts, others, bodies, and art, are people who are real—like you and me—not those stories.

Also, I want people to understand we damage ourselves and our children by our unaware conditioning, messages, and the words we use. I have a daughter not damaged by the body but educated by the process to love her body, accept it, and others without judgment. She doesn’t see the labels and untruths of society that are damaging so many of us.

It’s never been the body or others that’s the issue; it’s the way we talk about things and shame each other that is!


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