April 27, 2021

The Shocking Lesson I Learned from a Stripper.

So let me paint the picture here.

I decided to honor my divine feminine and chose to sign up for a women’s sensuality class called “Chair Seduction.” I tend to make quick decisions, so I really had no clue what the hell I was actually getting myself into.

I show up alone to my first class, and I’m immediately met with the thought that I need to turn around and run away fast. The instructor was basically naked, and the rest of the women didn’t even acknowledge that there was a newbie in the class. No hellos, no welcomes. I even thought I was in the wrong class entirely. Surely, you would greet the new person, right? Nope.

I saw stripper poles everywhere, 10-inch heels, booty shorts, G-strings, and half shirts. I came in wearing my mom yoga pants and one-inch work pumps. To be honest, they told me to bring heels to class—they didn’t specify what kind. I felt frozen with fear and had to breathe through the idea of even taking off my coat to participate in class. OMG, I was so out of my element.

As the class progressed, I grew more uncomfortable. The moves were way over my head, I couldn’t keep up, and at one point, when the instructor finally acknowledged the newbie, she asked if I needed help. I sat on the chair with my arms crossed in frustration and said, “No, I’m good.” I was far from good. They were doing flips over their chairs and moving in ways that felt impossible to me. I wanted to run out no less than 25 times. I wish I was exaggerating.

The only thing that kept me there was the sheer embarrassment of walking out midway. I kept coaching myself and saying, “Only 30 more minutes,” “Only 10 more minutes, Yvonne.”

At the end of class, everyone took a video of themselves doing the dance routine. I figured, what the hell?‍ I may as well record myself too. I’m never doing this again, so I may as well have evidence that I did something this crazy.

I hated the entire experience until I left the class and got in my car.

So what changed? As I sat in my car, I noticed an exhilaration in my body. I said to myself, “Holy sh*t, Yvonne, you can do scary things and it won’t kill you!” I felt a rush all over my body because I realized I could feel insurmountable fear and not run away.

I sent videos of my horrible dance routine to my closest friends and younger sisters. They all pissed their pants laughing. My younger sister said to me, “Yvonne, I so love you for doing this!” In that moment, I realized that I was teaching the women around me that they could do brave, uncomfortable things, and they would survive it too.

New things are always scary. It’s so normal to feel fear when you first set out to do something out of your comfort zone. Many of my clients let fear talk them right out of everything they always wanted, just when the magic is about to happen. They get a spark of a new idea and immediately they give in to the voice of fear that says, “Oh, no honey, you can’t do that!” We also go into new situations expecting perfection and not to stumble. Try something new and expect to be bad the first time, or two, or three.

So let me ask you, where are you letting fear stop you? What does the voice of fear say to you? What new thing do you want to try, but you’ve let fear get in the way?

Wanna know something even cooler? I went back again the next week. I gave it another try. I was still really bad. I brought a friend with me this time, and we laughed the entire car ride home.

And guess what I did today? I just ordered my 10-inch heels.



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Read 4 comments and reply

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