April 24, 2021

Don’t Rush the Answers: The Importance of Pausing & Reflecting before Reacting.


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In the day and age of gurus and guides, leaders, and light workers, it’s easy to get sucked into the belief that there is a secret sauce to a happy life, and that it lies exclusively in the external world.

This notion is sold to us not only on the daily but on the hour, the minute. And made seductive with pretty packaging.

But the truth is that what we need to be truly happy is almost never found in the world outside of ourselves.

Yes, we need the essentials. But once we have shelter over our heads, bread on the table, and access to clean running water, the rest of what we actually need lies within. Deep within.

What that means exactly varies person to person. But, on the whole, it looks like feeling safe to show up in this world as we truly are. In all facets of life: personal and professional.

Most people are already fully aware of this, or, at least, have an inner knowing that hints to them in moments of stillness that this is true.

That material belongings, a powerful network, and an abundant bank account are absolutely nice to have, but nothing compared to the rich fulfillment of being truly seen and appreciated for who it is that we are at a soul-level.

And yet, most people lock their soul’s pleas in the closet within to chase shiny toys dangled by the external world.


Because, in many ways, it’s easier.

There is something to immediate gratification. It lights up the pleasure centre of our brains, and we like that.

This is natural. Our ancestors were the same. We were designed this way. For many reasons, including in order to remember where it was to find food, back in the hunter-gatherer days. Or, to remember to procreate, to ultimately keep this human species of ours alive.

So we shouldn’t have shame at all around our pull toward instant gratification. We should accept that it’s natural, and still recognize that eating a boxful of cookies, or binge-watching television, or what have you, don’t serve our highest needs, in spite of our primitive minds suggesting we need to succumb to them right now.

This is the power that meditation brings us: the ability to pause and reflect before reacting.

Some powerful questions that may be used in meditation, or journalling, to tap into the soul’s deepest wishes and visions include:

>> What do I most need to pay attention to in my life right now?
>> What do I need to let go of?
>> What is one piece of advice you (higher self) can give me?

Don’t rush the answers. Let the questions sink in. Give them space to marinate. Let the answers bubble up to the surface without force.

Another reflection that may be of service when seeking to develop greater intimacy with the soul is to imagine your higher self gave you a gift.

What would it be? Would it be physical? Would it be psychological?

Inspect what comes up for you when you envision receiving this gift. And then reflect on what it may signify to you about your deepest desires, your innate gifts.

When we become in touch with these pieces of ourselves, we become free. The external world no longer has the pull on us it used to. Its toys lose their shine.

This is because we now know who we are, and we are beginning to see the fruits of the labour of our internal explorations.

And those fruits, they are self-acceptance, fulfilling relationships, purposeful work, the ripple effect of standing in your light, shining it on others, and, ultimately, inner peace.



Mackenzie and Stacey are the founders behind Soulmap Business Plan. Yin and yang, they are a blend of silly and soulful energy, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Believing that we lead our most fulfilled lives when we lead with authenticity, they guide coaches on how to tactically tap into their souls to develop a business founded on their innate gifts—and get it out into the world in an aligned, practical manner.

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