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April 18, 2021

Wonderland, Kundalini Awakening, and the Realms of the Heart

Thursday morning I found myself missing my sacred necklace, Midnight Moon so I messaged her creatrix, and I ask if Midnight was ready to be fixed. (previously her creatrix had let me know that Midnight was not ready)Midnight’s creatrix Responded,

“Yes she misses you. She’s been talking to me to finish her. I am leaving for Arkansas. I’ll be back April 26. I will take her to get infused by the Lemurian crystals.”

I had just been to a powerful equinox ceremony in Fayettville, AR (the birth place of my ex-lover Joshua Lucis) and was glad that midnight would be infused with the powerful energy there.

For over a year I have felt the energy of my life partner. I very much desire to meet him and be in relationship with him. Lately, I have been invoking his presence daily. His energy is very similar that of Midnight Moon. (She is mostly made of rainbow obsidian.) I feel his essence as slow moving molten lava like the essence of obsidian that was once lava before becoming solidified by the cooling ocean. Knowing that the energy of Midnight Moon and my life partner are so similar I have wondered if Midnight Moon would only be ready to reunite with me when my life partner is ready to enter my life. Having begun the slow process of my kundalini awakening only a few short months prior it seems even more likely that since my internal masculine and feminine are nearly united that my external masculine life partner will soon arrive in my life.

Also on Thursday I had a lovely conversation with a health insurance agent named Crystal (a sign of crystal clarity perhaps?). She asked me if I frequently traveled on vacations or for work and I said that I travel as a lifestyle. She was thrilled to hear it and shared some amazing camping locations in California.  At the end of the call I ask if I can give her a good review she said “no” and that the best thing I could do for her was to continue traveling and living my life joyously.

The next morning I have a text conversation with Peter Fae in which he informs me that he and Joshua Blake are leaving Clearwater, FL  on the 18th of April and will be passing through Austin, TX before heading to Zen awakening in California on the 22nd of April. My mixed emotions rise at the thought of reconnecting with Joshua Blake, my ex. I felt the subtle vibrations of fear, desire, pain, love, sadness, and joy pass through me.

In the afternoon I meet up with Jehan. Jehan and I serve as each others faux-life partner. While we don’t desire to have sex with one another we have a very sensual relationship, furthermore he is everything I desire to have in a life partner and I am everything he desires to have in a life partner as well. We help remind each other that it really is possible that our dream partner can exist.

I feel called to take Jehan to the Wonderland Forest for the first time. Wonderland contains many beautiful works of art and on this day we continuously encounter hearts. From this I divine we are in the realm of the heart. I remember too that the wonderland forest has a path running thru it that used to connect my ex-fiance’s old house to my old apartment. the woods are the connection between the masculine and feminine. Jehan and I do a short ritual while standing in one of the large heart art pieces of  Wonderland. Afterwards I show him the woodland sanctuary which he named the crown and then we encounter the thrown, one of my favorite places in Wonderland. The thrown has a mail box that contains a notebook full of art and messages from other  Wonderland explorers. I start draw in the note book whatever comes to mind and what came thru was a milk thistle. Milk thistles are a spiney relatives of the sunflower. It is a dragon flower,  the light that pierces into the darkness. It is also purple, the color of royalty.

while exiting the woods I see that Joshua Blake had tried to call me while I was in Wonderland and for the first time since the pain of the break up hit me I had the time and desire to call him back. We shared with each other how neither of us feel fully heard by the other and we decide that when we meet up we will be open and try to truly hear and understand where each is coming from. Joshua remembered how every time we have been in conflict in the past, willed ourselves to listen to the other, and managed to understand one another, we have had grand awakenings.

It is my divination that this meeting with Joshua will be a completion of a cycle, the completion of the harmonious balance between the divine feminine and masculine the completion of my Kundalini Awakening. And that soon after this completion my Life partner will arrive.

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