May 22, 2021

3 Simple Steps to move our Lives from Chaos to Order. 


“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.” ~ Carl Jung


I remember the time when I used to think that chaos in itself is bad. I used to feel life as a paradox—until I started my own healing journey.

I then realized that it is not the chaos per se, but our response and way of looking at it that makes it not so pleasant. No matter how much we try to not allow our inner well-being to be determined by the externalities, we still get affected by the chaos. In such a situation, let me present my understanding of chaos that I have learned over the past few years, and my ways to move toward order.

Chaos both external and internal is interrelated. A shift in one consequently brings change in the other. When you validate the agony and adversity that sometimes chaos brings, you can still choose to simply be present with it, dig deep when you are ready, and gradually come out with an order. I believe every chaos comes with an opportunity to delve into the realm of the cosmic world that is waiting for you to be explored.

If you are open, the limitless nature of the cosmos can offer you abundance, clarity, intelligence, wisdom, insights, growth, and perspective. The question here is, what do you wish to choose? Status quo or expansion? If you choose the latter, the first step is to start decluttering your thoughts, space, and life.

Let me help you by elaborating on the three following steps:

1. Declutter your thoughts

According to a Harvard study, people spend 46.9 percent of their total hours while awake thinking about something other than what they are doing. The wandering mind, either in the past or future, leads us toward confusion and anxiety. At the same time, we can’t underestimate the power of our thoughts. They are extremely powerful and have the ability to either make our world or break it. But the quality of our life is determined by the quality of our thoughts because they are the seeds of manifestation and attraction.

Let us begin by categorizing our thoughts. Some thoughts are like insights, “aha” or eureka moments, realizations, cosmic solutions, or ideas that we were seeking. Some thoughts are like daily, mundane activities while others are uninvited guests. We also have those thoughts that are like overrated horror movies; they have no substance and content yet they seem scary.

We have the option to choose our thoughts depending on the kind of life we want to craft for ourselves. If our head is bombarded with random thoughts leading to a state of turmoil, we can just observe them, as pushing them away will give them power over us. From a space of neutrality, we can simply see the thoughts visiting us and gradually leaving.

2. Declutter your space

“Observing clutter all around us is mentally exhausting and makes us feel tense,” says Sally Augustin, PhD and environmental psychologist. Our physical space has immense impact over us. Keeping it tidy and clean invites newness and aliveness. The physical space is interlinked to our mental, emotional, and energetic space, and a change in one affects the other three.

Discarding the old makes space for something new to enter because old things carry stale energies and keep us stuck in our old cycles. If our space is too full, we start feeling dull and stagnant. On the other hand, clearing our space out brings alignment.

As I am personally passionate about food, I will use it as an analogy to draw this example. Imagine you’re dining at your favorite restaurant over a buffet dinner. When you stuff yourself with way too many starters and main courses, you might not feel disturbed per se; however, you will also fail to embrace and cherish the deliciousness of the best mouth-watering desserts because you don’t have the “space.”

3. Declutter your life

Whatever our idea of life is, we can’t deny the fact that relationships are an important part of it, whether it’s the relationships we hold with ourselves, family members, life partner, friends, coworkers, or even the environment and our world at large.

We all have the tendency to hold on to relationships even when they don’t serve us. We misconstrue attachment as connection. We give in to our fears rather than sitting with them. Letting go might be one of the most difficult things humans will experience, but at the same time, it can be the most liberating. The sense of freedom that we feel once we release something or someone, whose part in our life is over, is beyond the limited nature of words.

We have become slaves to our conditioning, old belief systems, bad habits, patterns, behaviours, memories, and conclusions. They are all stopping us from realizing our true potential and highest possibility. Today, let us take a vow to release them and cut the weeds surrounding us physically and nonphysically so that there becomes space for order.

This process requires patience and commitment. There might also be occasions when we feel like we are falling behind. In those times, we can take the leap of faith, surrender, and do the necessary action, and we will slowly emerge out of the mess with order like untangling the sentences from jumbled words.

Our idea of what order is might be different from those around us. What is order for the spider is chaos for the fly. For you, order might be a straight linear line, but for someone else, it might be a nonlinear passage that consists of crest and trough.

We all have read the cliché quote, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” My idea of a perfect lemonade might be a salty one, opposite to my partner who might prefer it sweet, which can be quite contrasting to my sibling who might want a blend of both. Every idea of order is valid. There is no fixed route and timeline as to how and when to do the decluttering.

As long as we feel there is order, there is order. We can make this adventurous journey worth experiencing, and from my own life experiences, I assure you that something beautiful will definitely come out.


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