May 6, 2021

4 Habits that Keep you from Receiving the Money you Want.

“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.” ~ Ayn Rand


All of us have a constant relationship in our lives: money.

The conversation and belief system around this resource is deeply rooted in our conditioning.

Money can be as perilous a topic as sex or politics, as it is deeply connected to our emotional life, as well as our safety, security, and basic needs.

All of us will deal with the flow of money, which is rooted in how we talk about it, think about it, and relate to it on a daily basis.

Our perception of our experiences is based on what we are focusing on. If we desire a red car, chances are we will hone in on red cars and “see” them more than any other color. It’s the same with our collective programming around lack, which is pervasive and systemic.

There are four main habits that keep most people from receiving the money they want:

1. Judging people who have money.

Do you want more money? Me too. One of the best ways to keep it away from us is to consciously and unconsciously judge people who have it. Why do we judge? Most likely because we have made an assumption about how “those people” earned it, use it, and possibly abuse it.

Let’s cultivate appreciation for money by dropping our judgements about who we think should and shouldn’t have it. Chances are these judgements have more to do with our own perception about our worthiness to allow money to flow to us.

This habit seems harmless, but it sets up an energetic block. When we judge the rich, we also judge the flow of money. We’ve attached shame or anger and now, we’ve lowered our own vibration and point of attraction. As challenging as it may be, feel happy for those with a lot. They are no different than you—they’ve just up-leveled their mindset and kept their channel crystal clear.

2. Comparing ourselves.

Everyone has been dealt a different hand when it comes to money needs, bills, and resources. The person who you believe has more money than you may also have huge debts or monthly expenses you know nothing about.

Only compare yourself with yourself. Ask, “Am I feeling better about money today versus yesterday, even just a little?”

This is also connected to #1. Assumption is a slippery slope and we probably don’t have all the facts. Our emotions have taken over and critical thinking has gone out the window.

Turn comparison around: Say, “Hey! Julie just got a windfall of money! Good for her! I’m gonna ask what she did and do that myself.”

Take your power back and believe in yourself. You’ve got this.

3. Not understanding money is a tool and is neutral.

Money itself is not evil, wrong, shameful, or bad. It can certainly be used for those purposes, but money itself is a neutral energy—how it is used is based on the beliefs of the person who has it.

If someone is inherently nefarious, money will be used for those purposes. If someone is inherently honest and forthright, money will be used for those purposes. The same can be said for any physical object. Some will use a knife to cut bread; someone else may use it as a weapon.

Collectively, money has been deeply connected to our worth. A lot of this has to do with our language around “earning” money.

But when we start to think of money as a tool and something that helps us be more of who we are, the energy shifts. It no longer feels so far away from us. We start to view it as any other tool: a hammer, a car, a computer, or a fork. It is there to serve us.

4. Separating money from Source energy.

My teacher reminds me of this: we don’t argue with this reality. Money is part of this reality and was ultimately created by Source. Because all of us are Divine Consciousness and money is part of Divine Consciousness, it naturally wants to flow to us. Trust this and watch what happens when you align yourself with this truth.

Nurture your relationship with money just like you would with a person. Who would want to be around someone who is always putting them down, mistrusting them, and constantly complaining? No one. Money is the same way—it’s repelled by our negative beliefs about it. Why would money want to show up when we are always angry, frustrated, or annoyed with it?

To help our ego develop a better language around money, here are seven powerful affirmations to keep in your back pocket. Refer to them and repeat them whenever stress around finances arises:

1. Money loves me.
2. Money is an extension of my self-love—and I love myself.
3. Money shows up for me in fun and unexpected ways.
4. I trust money to show up for me exactly when I need it.
5. Money affords me the freedom to share more of myself and my gifts.
6. It is safe to earn and spend my money as there is an endless supply.
7. I love money because it makes me more of who I am.

May this be of benefit and help anyone who wants to develop a more harmonious relationship with money and abundance.


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