May 16, 2021

A Meditation to Connect us with our “Inner Master.”

What does “Inner Master” mean, and how can we connect with it?

Actually, we all can connect with our Inner Master. It’s a way to unify with a quality that we choose. The way to choose this quality is up to us; every day, we are free to choose our feelings and our thoughts. 

But, do we? 

Do we live in an unconscious state—mechanically? 

(Observe the answer without judging.)

When we realize that we can choose our feelings and thoughts, we are in the most conscious way of living because we witness that we are the master of our lives.

We can relax; we don’t have to blame anyone else. The moment we start blaming another human is the moment that someone else is the master of our lives. 

So, what if it’s time to take the big decision not to blame anyone (not even ourselves)?

We have the master inside of us; we can choose our feelings and our thoughts. 

Let’s connect with it. Let’s live in the answers, in tranquillity and harmony with ourselves and with all living beings. 

How can we do that?

First, we can activate our intention, and then we can use techniques from yoga (like breathing techniques, so that our mind relaxes). One simple technique that we want to have in our everyday life is diaphragmatic breath

Some tools for concentration and meditation:

>> Sit in a comfortable crossed-legged position, spine straight and chin parallel to the ground. 

>> Inhale through your nostrils. 

>> Bring the air downward toward your pelvis and exhale all the air through your nostrils. 

>> Relax your shoulders and your jaw.

Here is a guided meditation:

If you can’t stay still for even five minutes, it’s okay. You can practice a walking meditation technique. 

While practicing asana, your focus should be only on your mat, not further than it.

Even better, your concentration could be only on your body while being in harmony with your breath and your movement. Try to focus on a specific point in your mind in every asana.

So, three things:

1. Breathing in coordination with your movement.

2. Your eyes not further from your mat or your body.

3. Stay focused on a specific point (part of your body in a different asana).

If you practice as often as you can, you will feel more and more connected with your master.

Meditate on: who is the master? What qualities does he/she have? 

You can first visualize your master not as a face and body but as qualities (example: love and wisdom) so that it is easier to recognize and connect to your everyday life.

Once you find the positive qualities, you can bring them to your daily life by visualizing yourself in connection with your inner master and vibrating these qualities.

Enjoy the Master within you!

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Read 4 comments and reply

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