May 12, 2021

A Reminder that it’s Okay to feel Restless & Ache for Who we Want to Be.



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I wrote this poem when I was feeling stuck.

When I felt like my days were monotonous and my soul had fallen asleep.

Most of us have dreams when we are young, and as we grow up, these dreams get pushed to the side as we become “adults” who “do the right thing” and mold ourselves to fit into society’s expectations about who we should be.

Somewhere along the way, we forget who we are; we forget the person who was once alive and had wonder in their eyes. The person who could see all of the possibilities that the world had to offer.

I wrote this as a reminder to myself and to everyone else that it is okay to feel restless and ache for the dreams of who we want to be. That is how we take the steps to get to where we want to go.


To Run with Gazelles: A Poem of Transformation. 

I want to feel something other than this numbness inside of me.

This slow-beating heart drained of its vitality.

I want to feel the mighty rivers fill my veins, rushing and bursting forth with passion at the notion that my life is great.

That is everything I could have imagined it to be.

That I tried and saw things through and did not sit back and wait for myself to come into my own.

To spread these wings of mine and break through the layers of my sheltered cocoon.

I want to run free with the gazelles and chase the many phases of the moon.

I want my feet to grow weary of all the lands I have walked across and discovered for myself.

I want my hands to ache from all of the words I have written.

I want my heart to feel so full it may burst from the life I have been living.

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