May 3, 2021

The Powerful Act of Saying, “Good Morning.”

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How do you start your day?

And when you start your day, do you expect that your day should go well and be positive?

Definitely everyone wants that. But to expect the day to happen exactly as you want it to happen is a totally different thing.

In ancient times or in previous civilisations, to start their day, they used salutations or affirmations. It is the practice of saying good or positive words before whatever work you are going to do.

In the same way, as the practice has been going on for eons, we still say something good and positive before whatever we are going to do. Like how we say good morning.

You say good morning because you want for others a morning that is good. This is the reason why we always say good morning, good night, or good afternoon. Apart from just saying good, you can also say something extra just to make that person feel special, and for this, you can always say good morning quotes.

Quotes are wonderful lines. They inspire you and motivate you. Overall, it feels soothing and exciting when you hear something good early in morning from someone, even your Siri if you have set her up for this!

We always want good in life, for ourselves and for others we love. I can tell you from my experience that you don’t feel much peace and relaxation when you get somethin; however, you always feel an abundance of peace and relaxation when you give something to someone. In a few words, charity is peace of mind. Whether you believe it or not, it is true, and our ancestors from ancient times have always followed this practice.

Over time, some meaningful and fruitful practices have faded or some people just don’t believe in them. Customs and practices in every culture around the world are different in various ways. People in the past believed everything is vibration, and when you say something, you vibrate a certain energy. Saying something good gives meaning, and when you say it every day, it has an effect that is good for the human body. It is a kind of conditioning.

Today, in the time of the internet, you can send any message to whoever you want to in just a blink of an eye. There are a vast number of websites where you can find some of the best greetings according to your wish, and a large number of good morning quotes collections. So, if you are not a writer and don’t have that skill of coining the right words, you can make use of these websites.

Scientific research has also revealed that saying good words to others and to yourself has a positive effect on the human mind. This is the reason that in schools we are told to say prayers and why we are asked to go to temples for praying—because all these practices bring positivity in our daily life, and when positivity is there, everything is there in your life.

So, you too, make a promise to yourself that when you wake up early in the mornings that you always say good morning to others and to yourself too. Besides good morning, there can be other salutations as well. Choose what feels right for you.


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