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May 20, 2021

Come back to your hidden love to create an authentic life.

I think, innately people seek to be heard, appreciated and connect with others, yet to do this well, we need to address parts of the past that have hidden our ability to do this.  Consider the infant, who when born seem to melt even the hardest of hearts, how and why? Babies are pure and filled with love.

Fast forward through life experiences of not always being supported, encouraged, fed or loved, simply because parents are tired and usually working with their own unfilled needs and not able to be fully present.

Not their fault or the infants, but a reality. In truth, unless one is malicious we really are doing the best we can with what we have learnt and developed. Not everyone has been born into well-adapted, healthy, feeling adults who have worked through their own life scares.

As a result, we accidentally pass our hurts, fears, limitations, expectations, failed dreams etc onto our children, unintentionally we perpetuate the dramas, improve in some areas, worsen others.

What if though we took the courage needed to address our fears, limitations and scares we have to hide behind the masks and armour we wear to protect ourselves from being triggered, and often with the intent to protect others from the black holes we think will hurt our loved ones.

What if, we dived into these parts and filled them with light and love? Imagine how life experiences can be lived with more love, passion, connection because we filled from the inside out and softening of the armour so more love can leave, and we can connect with others more authentically.

This is what I help people do. How do I know? I had to do just this after my third life attempt. I figured if I wasn’t allowed to die then I needed to learn to live.

Everyone wants to feel love and acceptance, but do we really need to wait till we are desperate or living a half-life to dig into ourselves so we can live more fully?

Learn to know yourself so you can create your Life on YOUR Terms according to your values and desires. From love.

Leah calls herself a Personal Change Agent because she supports the individual to create change in themselves. Leah is also an author of 4 books on self-development and empowerment. One of Leah’s long term goals is to create a safe place for teens who are living in challenging homes to learn healthy self-care life skills such as self-love, acceptance, empathy so they can help break generational trauma.

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