May 12, 2021

How to Transform our Energy from Pain to fully Heal.

We are masters at transmuting energy.

The human body is doing it at every breathing moment: smells, tastes, and sounds are processed into emotions and impulses. Food is ingested and metabolized and then distributed to our cells where it is once again transformed. Death of the old and birth of the new is constantly happening within our tissues.

Trauma is stored in our nervous system until it is excavated and moved through us in some form of energy.

Shamans agitate and break up energy in our body they have found to be stagnant. Whether you personally believe they are eliciting higher energy or not, there is a physiological transformation happening. As the healer facilitates the process, the client will shift their energy in some shape or form. Shaking, crying, and screaming are all examples of ways trauma moves out of the nervous system.

Talking to a therapist or trusted confidante can metamorphose our experiences through transmutation as well. Our words leave our mouths and enter their ears where they receive them without judgment. They sift through and process what we have shared and present it back to us with a fresh perspective. An opportunity arises for us to view the problem through a different lens.

The acute stages of pain can require being differed by using medication or other means to assuage our misery. This use of pain killers is totally appropriate if it means our body can rest and initiate an effective healing process.

Once we are at a functional stage of healing, we need to become active participants in moving through our pain.

Can you work with your pain? Can you push through it? Can you get after it? What is it that you need to do to transform it into an energy that can leave your body?

Ask out loud:

>> What is the message being relayed?

Tune into your body and feel for any cues whether subtle or dominant. Pain is simply a message that your nervous system does not feel comfortable with your current circumstances.

We seem to gravitate toward a belief as a collective that pain is only mechanical. If this were so, then wouldn’t one rehabilitation exercise work for everybody?

Pain is a sophisticated and elaborate experience. It is actually a brilliant output resulting from the brain’s perception of multitudinous sensory and environmental inputs and it requires our attention and involvement to shift to a place where we can begin breaking it down.

>> Can you move or stretch one part of your body that brings relief to the injured or hurting area?

>> When you focus on your pain, do thoughts or emotions come through?

Acknowledge these by feeling through the emotions and writing down the thoughts. This is providing foundational pieces to begin your healing.

>> Is there trauma associated with your pain or injury?

These can be traumas that caused the injury but also traumas that you intuitively feel may be trapped in your nervous system. There are many skilled practitioners equipped to facilitate healing trauma—Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) being one I have found most effective.

>> Are you in alignment with your truth? Are you living in integrity?

Pain will take us down if we are emotionally or spiritually out of alignment.

Continually pushing pain away rather than meeting it head-on only results in its manifestation somewhere else—our sore shoulder soon turns into a sore neck with no tangible reason why.

We are a result of nature. We are continually breaking down, transforming, and building up again. And just as a snake sheds its skin, our healing will push us out of who we thought we were and into who we are authentically.



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