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May 10, 2021

I am not …

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.

I am not a…

I am not a Muslim or a Jew

I am not Black or Asian or Hispanic

I am not a senior or a junior

Not a democrat or republican

I am brother to all

That which separates us

Is so tiny and trivial

That which unites us so vast

I am not a woman or trans

I am not gay or bi

Or any such label

I am brother, father, husband and child

To each and to all

The differences between us

Fade away

The light of love dissolves them all

I am neither rich, nor poor

I am not a have or a have-not

I seek no power or glory

Only the warmth of your embrace

I am brother to all

Will you be to me

Brother, sister, parent or child?

Will you look beyond the outside

And see within?

Within me, within you

We are the same.

Will you open your arms

And let me in?

Will you open your heart

And accept my love?

I am your brother, your lover, your friend

I am all we are.

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