May 20, 2021

Push your Boundaries: How to live a truly Beautiful Life. 


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What is our ability to find our limit?

To really push our boundaries?

I believe every human has the ability to succeed—to not only succeed, but to cross the threshold of success to end up in a place that we never thought possible.

You thought that mountain was too high? Think again: no mountain is too high.

If we build our own temples, we really could become a king or queen if we’re willing to sacrifice aspects of our life to do so. Whatever you’re aiming for, aim slightly higher than the boundaries placed upon people by society. Then, fly higher and faster than anything.

Be your own superhero.

So many people are happy to walk the line—like sheep following a farmer—but it’s that one daring lamb that leaps out of that line, runs up the grassy hill, and lets out the loudest bleet with its head to the sky, not giving a crap, that will actually make a difference.

So, how do you push your boundaries to find that limit?

As an example: you write one blog a week.

Why not write two? No, write three. We don’t have to settle for one because if people are reading our exquisitely written work and enjoying it, then why not bring even more joy into their lives?

If we think we don’t have the time, let’s make it. There is no such thing as no time to do anything.

“You can’t make a cup of coffee just staring at the kettle.”

If you’ve written a book, get it out there. Plug it. Push it.

Don’t let that hard work sit with no eyes on it. How many hours did you spend, day after day contemplating thoughts, passages, pages? Why is it just sitting in a saved file on your computer? What are you afraid of? Why not let the public be the judge, jury, and executioner?

“Announce to the world that you have arrived.”

From climbing naked up snow-capped mountains, to running marathons with no training—these are mind-bending physical experiences that force us beyond our limits.

But what’s the point of doing all this? Are big challenges effective at helping us build daily exercise and wellness habits? Or is it more for the show?

The science of extending past our physical limits is layered and complex. But at the most basic level, the real reason we take on challenges outside our comfort zones is to prove to ourselves we can. When you do something you thought you couldn’t do, you get to tell yourself a new story about who you are.

And that story is priceless. More precisely, the cost of pushing through the challenge itself.

The other key factor is the ability to surround ourselves with other people, or just that one special person who is willing to push us harder than we’ve ever been pushed in our lives. People who lift us to the stratosphere with words of encouragement are sexy as hell.

This is our playground. We get to choose who plays on it and, ultimately, who doesn’t. Do not be afraid to exclude the negativity and encourage positivity.

Pushing your boundaries is fun, exciting, and everything living should be.

Sometimes, pushing our boundaries looks like choosing to pursue a completely new career, or ending a relationship to start something new with a more kindred spirit.

Sometimes, we need to push for simpler things, like choosing to meditate for five minutes a day or getting dressed in the morning.

Sometimes, it is having our eggs a different way.

No matter how big or small the change you want to make is, it can be tough to actually commit…fully.

Is this pushing your boundaries to find your limit? Or is it just living?

Nothing in this life is impossible. No goal is unreachable.

We just have to believe, focus, and strive to obtain. We all have the capability, the drive, and the passion to make our lives truly beautiful.

Let’s leave our legacies for the people who come after us. Even if you touch just one person with what you’ve accomplished, then that’s one person who will do the same for others.

Push your boundaries to find your limit.

Every. Single. Day.

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Read 6 comments and reply

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