May 18, 2021

Stillness & Surrender: How to Receive the Gifts of the Pandemic.

At the start of the pandemic, there was a great rush of anxiety.

Not only of the obvious, medical-related variety but something else. Artists began creating en masse, while aspiring entrepreneurs got serious about their education, their systems, their methods of outreach.

We had entered a period of time where we had downtime like we’d never had before, and marketers were capitalizing on it. Courses and ads and articles flooded the inter-webs, reminding us we “wouldn’t have this extra time forever,” and that we, as a result, better “make the most of it now.”

So, we all doubled down with the shared goal of coming out the other side a “new and improved” version of ourselves. It was as if we had entered a second, prolonged New Year’s season.

At first glance, this seemed great. What an opportunity to work on ourselves, to make headway on our goals!

But, with time, we began to see the underbelly that came with our rush of excitement.

That is: burnout. And a rampant sense of failure when, by summer, we hadn’t changed our lives.

Looking back, this had to happen. We had to have this extra time in order to see that what our bodies and minds and spiritual selves were calling out for was not, in fact, what we’d always thought. It wasn’t drowning ourselves in work to numb out of the reality of the collective trauma our global society is going through. It wasn’t stressing ourselves out to “dominate our niche” in the quickest possible way.

In fact, it was quite the opposite.

What we were being called to was release. Surrender versus control.

The universe was begging us to lay down our armour and to open up to the whispers of intuition, to the wisdom of our Higher Selves.

And we cannot do this when we are busy doing. We can only do this when we create space to allow ourselves to just be.

Those who have resisted this are still fighting, exhausting themselves in uphill battles. While those who have managed to absorb this lesson have opened their arms to receiving the gift of the pandemic.

If you feel yourself wrestling with your dreams, versus being filled up by them, this is a sign you are a part of the former group. And that’s okay. Truly. That said, here’s what you can do if you’re ready to give up the battle, and make space for your visions to unfold—not effortlessly, but divinely, guided by the grace of the Universe.

First, cull out a period of time to reflect on how you are going about your life at the moment. What are your energy levels like? Are you exerting too much? If so, why? What would you need to feel rested and at peace? Try to recognize where society’s so-called rules show up here. Working, for example, eight hours a day is a belief system that’s been popularized, but not genuinely suited to all. You can get much done in just three hours a day.

Next, look at how you are spending your time. How many hours are you spending on your relationships, your self-care, your work? Do you feel fulfilled? What area needs more attention to feel nourished?

Zero in on work now. How do those hours feel? How do you feel afterward? Are you gliding toward your goals? Or do you feel like you’re trudging through mud?

Finally, ask yourself what you believe is in your best interest to focus on. When you receive your answers, ask why. Go deep. If there are any “shoulds” that come up, dig into those. To lead a rich, meaningful life, you’ll want to dance with your soul’s desires and let go, when feasible, of any misaligned “shoulds.”

Remember, the value of this time we are experiencing right now lies deeper than the immediate thoughts procured by the monkey mind. It lies in reconnection to our loved ones and to ourselves. Yes, that may be in part facilitated by working on our creative or professional goals, but this should be done in harmony with the soul, not at its expense.

So, make space for play, and tap in on the daily. Focus on building an intimate relationship with yourself, above all. The rest will follow.


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