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May 3, 2021

The first step is the challenge!

The beginning can be the hardest and scariest part of the journey, why?

Because we have been trained to strategise and look for pitfalls and protect ourselves.

What if, we thought as young children do. See the toy, the object the skill and just keep at it and make some healthy noise along the way. I dare myself and others to just start, work it out along the way. Trust the process that the teacher, the right step, turn and knowing will show up at the right time.

It only takes trust and faith that all things will work out.

You might ask “How Can I trust when I have been hurt so many times before?”

But your resistance and fear is a learnt response, come back to yourself, allow your inner free child that is curious about life and play to come forward, take your adult hand and start again from this place of play and wonder.

Not easy when we have been burnt and hurt to the core, but what are the alternatives? To stay stuck and in isolating disconnect, or take a leap and give something else a go? The choice is ultimately yours to make, but I will challenge you to dive into the part of you that is love, play, and joy and allow these sparks to filter back out again, through the mud, walls and armour, let their light and warm melt away your fears and allow more love out, and therefore in.

The other best thing about starting is this….  each second is a new start.  Yep, every second you have the opportunity to start again, make a different choice, feel a different feeling, make a different statement, take a different action.   Keep doing this, over and over, start again, evaluate, feel into the feelings and make a choice to continue what feels right and shift what doesn’t.

Need help to do this, reach out, it is possible, and the results are remarkable.

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