June 8, 2021

8 Unusual but Sweet ways to show our Partner Love.

I got married recently to the love of my life.

We were together for almost seven years before tying the knot, and I can tell you for free that his worst chore is doing laundry; it’s just not his strongest point, just like cleaning the bathroom isn’t mine.

But then he goes out of his way to surprise me now and then by doing our laundry, and at such times, I don’t know which pleases me more: the gesture itself or the surprising thoughtfulness.

Love is special, but it requires some active effort if its flames are to keep on glowing. The words “I love you” are perhaps the three most powerful words to convey one’s romantic feelings. However, if we really want to keep things interesting with our partners, now and then, we could take things beyond the conventional declaration of love.

Whether it’s on a honeymoon, anniversary, spouse’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, or even just a random event like breakfast, there’s no bad time to go the extra mile in showing love to our S/O’s. It is also important to note that it is not necessarily how grand the gesture is that matters but the thoughtfulness that goes into it.

Enough said. Let’s dive into some of these uncommon ways to blow our partners’ minds.

I’ll tell you which is my favorite and which one I think is super corny at the end of the article:

1. Write a letter or poem.

There is almost nothing as thoughtful or real as words of affection on paper. It gets even better when it’s handwritten. (Or is that just me?) Writing a letter or poem is a good way to say those affectionate words we don’t get to use every day. Don’t fret if you’ve never been good at writing. You could easily get a template online or ask a friend to help out. There are even people who offer poem writing as a service. The options are endless.

2. Cook their favorite meal.

Everyone has a favorite meal or at least one that means more to them than others. We can show our partners how much we love them by taking the time to prepare their special dish. More points are scored here if it’s a surprise meal. If you cannot prepare it yourself, order it in from a dope restaurant. Sometimes, a quiet at-home dinner is more romantic than outside dining. That, I can also tell you for free.

3. Send a romantic message in a bottle.

Instead of sending an “I love you” text, maybe get more creative by placing a message in a corked bottle. This method, no matter how traditional, is clever because it helps one stand out in a world filled with so much digital noise. Write your message on a piece of paper, insert it into the bottle, and leave it in a strategic place where your partner can find it. You could share a secret, recount a memory, or point out something adorable you noticed about them. Let me know how this one works out for you.

4. Give a massage.

If your partner is a cuddle addict like me, this would really be a hit! A soothing massage after the day’s hustle and bustle is a perfect way of showing just how much you care for your S/O. And in my experience, a massage works as a stress relief for you and your partner. The best part? It builds intimacy and has been known to naturally lead to mind-blowing coitus (thank you, Sheldon).

5. Stargaze.

Stargazing is somewhat like a picnic at night but where the constellations are on the menu. Grab a blanket with your partner and head out to watch the beauty of the night sky. Not only is this romantic, but it is also calming for the nerves. You and your partner could make this a weekly or bi-weekly activity.

6. Sign up for a class together.

Dance, pottery, cooking, baking, archery, fitness; there are tons of class options! Joining your partner in a class they love is a great way to show that you care. Don’t be put off by the concern that you may not be into the activity. If your partner knows that you’re not a dance person, but you’re willing to try just for them, it softens their heart the more.

7. Ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

Not only does this activity bring out your inner “Bridgerton,” but it is also a perfect opportunity to express the love language of physical touch. Horse-drawn carriages have cozy little coaches that are good for snuggling up and cuddling. Let me know how this goes for you, too. I’ve never tried it.

8. Make a fool of yourself.

Almost running out of things to tell you for free, but I’ll chip this in as well: this works. Making a fool of yourself in front of your partner shows that you can be vulnerable and unashamed with them, besides the fact that it makes for a hilariously epic moment. If you want to spice things up, film a video of all your wackiness and watch it together with your partner.

To fulfill my promise, my favorite—which was a tough decision to make—would be getting a massage. The one I find super corny is stargazing.


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