June 1, 2021

A Love Letter for All & our Eternal Flames.


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How do we write a love letter when the feelings we have can’t be put into words?

Sometimes, someone comes into our lives that changes everything we’ve ever believed in—the emotions are so powerful that the words you think of are simply not enough for the person you wish to convey your heart’s desire to.

Here is my love letter to whoever needs it right now:

If the sun exploded into tens of billions of fireballs that light up the sky for a thousand years, it wouldn’t compare.

If an angel flew down from heaven and put their arms around me, filling me with all the divine warmth from God himself, it wouldn’t compare.

If we found world peace for all the lonely humans on planet earth, it wouldn’t compare.

What you have given me can’t be compared to anything earthly or ethereal. It’s a feeling that’s based spiritually deep within our souls. A burning fire that warms my very heart, beating in unison with yours. A rhythmic beauty that soothes me from within.

Your beauty captivates my eyes. As they fixate upon you, waves of idolatry are sent through my every fiber. Your smile shines like a spotlight aimed solely at me, making me feel like I’m alone on a stage singing my favourite love ballad directly at you—no one else in the arena matters, as you look at me caressing me with your stunning, large eyes from head to toe. I feel you.

I want to run my fingers through your silky long hair as you lay, head on my lap, warm, safe, and secure—eyes slowly closing, feeling all the love.

Your words carry on the wind of desire, each syllable wrapping around me with the force of a hurricane, making me dizzy as you test my mental capacity to accept the words of affection that are for me. Your accent and phrases tickle my ears with a feather-like precision, sending shivers through my spine, goosebumps raising upon my exposed flesh.

How did I get so lucky?

I am in awe of you, your motivation, and your drive to succeed where other lesser people would fall to the ground in a crumpled heap. Your strength matches your beauty but your intelligence has no limitations and that blows me away. You are creative, artistic, and everything you do, you do to the very best of your ability, to strive to always be the best and that’s a beautiful trait so many people don’t have. On the rare occasion, you do fall, you don’t ask for help, you lift yourself from the floor with your own drive and determination to climb back to the top of that mountain—whatever the f*ck it takes.

Your kindness knows no bounds, always being there for anyone, the perfect stranger at times. You want to mother the world, cradling it in your arms whilst others want to watch it burn. You know the perfect thing to say, the right answers at the right times, and you have the ability to bring smiles to the saddest of souls. All this is simply beautiful and unmatched.

Did I manifest you, or were you sent to me via Fate’s good graces? Was she pushing the fires burning in us together to create a beautiful connection, so spiritually uplifting it can change the colour of the moon with our hues of reds and oranges? Eternal flames will burn as our legacies long after we have passed together to a higher plain. This was destiny, fate, call it what you will, but we know now the connection had been made then only the saddest pain of death can tear it apart.

This is only a glimpse of what you are to me, the reality is the real depth of my feelings cannot be put into words. What words can describe is a higher level of perfection that transcends even heaven itself.

Je vous aimerai pour toujours. 


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Read 3 comments and reply

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