June 8, 2021

An Exercise to Release the Female Pain-Body & Sexual Shame.


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In my practice as a mentor for women, I’ve helped hundreds have happier relationships, more joy, and pleasure by helping them release their female emotional pain-body.

What is the female emotional pain-body? It is a term coined by Eckhart Tolle in his book,  A New Earth. The female emotional pain-body refers to the accumulation of emotional pain stored in the body that is particular to women.

This pain is related to men, sexuality, feminine energy, and our relationship with our mothers and fathers. Much of this pain has been passed down to us in our matriarchal lineage and is stored inside our hearts, wombs, and genitals.

The pain-body sabotages happiness and relationships by causing women to:

Be easily hurt and triggered.

Sabotage intimate relationships with pain-body behaviors—withdrawing, passive aggression, criticizing, punishing, or emasculation.

Attract men with heavy pain bodies, which leads to drama-filled relationships.

Nag and complain, instead of asking for desires.

Not enjoy sex.

Feel resentful, bitter, disappointed, or angry.

Lose our vibrancy and radiance.

Allow fear and scarcity to run our lives.

Have limits on the amount of money, love, pleasure we can receive.

The pain-body is invested in us staying stuck in pain. It does not want us to have a happy, healthy, vibrant life or relationships. The good news is this pain-body is not us.  Who we truly are, are radiant, soul-filled beings. Because it is not us, this pain-body can be released.

We certainly accumulate pain from the painful situations in our lives, but much of the pain-body you carry was transferred to you from your mother or other women.

For example, a client of mine had a lot of shame around her sexuality. She spent years and lots of money working with a sex therapist, but the shame never went away. I guided her to notice if this might be her mom’s shame. She suddenly had a memory pop up of herself at age three. She was in her room, self-pleasuring and lost in a sea of bliss, when her mom walked in, freaked out, and started yelling at her.

In this memory, my client could see the dark energy of shame that came from her mother and entered her. She saw that this dark energy entered her womb and genitals. I guided her to release this stored dark energy that did not belong to her.  She saw this energy leave and then suddenly orgasmic energy opened up in her pelvis. She said, “I feel like my womb is a treasure chest of energy.”

She was finally free of the shame that she had been carrying around for over 60 years.

Here is a simple exercise to understand and release the female pain-body:

>> Put a hand over your heart and say: I release all pain of the generations of women before me.

>> Put a hand over your womb and say: I release all pain of the generations of women before me.

>> Put a hand over your genitals and say: I release all pain of the generations of women before me.

Once our female pain-body is released, life and relationships will become so much happier.


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