June 14, 2021

Erotic Women can be Leaders, Too. 

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Warning: well-deserved naughty language ahead!

I am a woman. 

A work of art in progress.

I am a sexual woman.

Highly passionate. (Sex and spirit are intimately connected for me. They are one, not two).

I am educated.

I am wise.

I’m multilayered.

Multifaceted (as every woman is).

And I’m also multitalented.

I love a lot of things and I try to feed them all.

I crave physical touch whether it’s a firm or soft handshake, a hug,  or an embrace.

I crave wearing sexy lingerie, see-through soft cotton or silk materials, to caress my skin in random moments of everyday life.

I am genuine and passionate when it comes to love. I can also turn into a crazy bitch if you don’t honor my heart.

I have been heartbroken and disappointed many times, and let in heartbroken men from my past.

I am wild, soft, and considerate when it comes to sex.

For me, sex is a language we both speak without any words. We know how to.

I crave to be touched by a man’s hands first before he enters me.

I crave his fingertips figuring out the map of my face as he adores every soft parcel of my skin and wants more of it.

I dream of sharing my message and having my own heart-based business while wearing a bikini or an outfit that turns me on. I crave being in the right mood so that my messages flow effortlessly through me.

I can never fake it. I don’t even know how to do that shit.

I crave to be free in all my ways of self-expression. Whether it’s triggering or upsetting or too much for some, that’s not what I worry about anymore.

I crave to be as authentic as I can be. As direct as I can be.

Touch you from the screen as simply as possible.

I don’t need to dress up and make myself look professional to impress you. I truly don’t give a fuck about impressing you.

I crave to inspire you as the muse that I am.

I am erotic. My sexual energy can be soft and sensual as well as well as provocative. And I am learning to love it. It’s a magical energy that I wouldn’t share with just anyone. You have to earn that privilege.

I share as much as I can on my social media.

Lately, I have been watching many female coaches on social media and I have been inspired by them but also irritated and frustrated wondering how they get followers and how they run their business. I wonder why I’m not there yet. These are shitloads of questions I ask myself.

After a conversation with my spiritual mentor/coach, I realized my frustration comes from comparing myself to other women and not believing in myself enough to share my business as a female entrepreneur, confident in my own skin.

I realized I have tried so hard in the past to be like these women and it always shut me down. My energy never flew freely.

So today I realized, I don’t want to be like any other woman.

I am my own kind of woman.

I want to share with the world my true authentic self in all her layers and be open to criticism and be adored, and embraced.

I simply can’t be who I am not.

Plus, I love being me.

I want to be one of those women who challenge the old paradigms that a woman dressed in sexy clothing cannot be taken seriously or is not seen as smart or wise.

I love to seduce.



And I do so genuinely and naturally.

It’s just a playful part of me.

Let me tell you: a sensual erotic woman in touch with her erotic essence is wise as fuck.

She operates from a different dimension of her being.

For most women, it is vital to get in touch with their erotic, sensual self to heal past trauma and conditioning, and to operate at higher frequencies from their hearts.

Your pussy is as magical as your heart and mind are. 

And it’s time more women like you and me show this truth to the world.

As you are reading this right now, you may also question yourself—but put on that lingerie and show up as you are, and share your message online or in person.

Today I declare, I want to be my own kind of woman dressed in sexy silk lingerie or a provocative outfit and share my voice online or on stage from a place of value, high caliber, sexiness, juiciness, and immense wisdom.

I invite you to do the same.

And be you.

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Read 8 comments and reply

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