June 30, 2021

F*ck Growing Old: We are Youthful, Sexy & Confident as we Are.

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I stand in front of the mirror. Applying my daily face cream, I notice a new wrinkle that was not there yesterday.

I take a long breath and slightly close my eyes for a minute to regroup.

When did I become old?

I was able to handle the grey hair in my 30s. That was an easy fix. Put on some color, which I’ve been using since my teens. Back then, it was for fun.

But at 40-something, wrinkles are not so easy to fix. I was changing. I knew this would happen one day. I always found myself changing with each decade that passed.

I was finding it more difficult to cope with the loss of my youth. My long, vibrant hair, tight ass, and youthful skin were completely screwing with me now with the changes I was experiencing.

Was this a mid-life crisis?

I didn’t want to give up on myself. I was willing to fight for my youth till the end.

But the truth was, it was becoming harder to come to terms with the fact that my youth was not only leaving me, but that b*tch was running away—too fast.

Yet, I’ve never felt more alive. I’ve never felt more like myself, but that still didn’t help with the way age was taking a toll on my appearance.

I started to hide parts of myself from the world. Baseball caps were great for hiding my face. From a distance, I even appeared young and beautiful. The glasses that tortured me as a child were now worn to cover up the little wrinkles around my eyes.

Bathing suits were becoming larger to cover areas that no longer stood in their place. I couldn’t have the world see this body in a bathing suit. Tank tops were a thing of the past. These arms were no longer permitted in the public eyes. I miss those adorable tops that kept me cool once the weather would heat up.

My age was affecting the self-confidence that I once treasured so dearly. Men seem to become sexier as they age. They lose their hair, but bald men are sexy. They turn grey, which makes them look mature and distinguished. They gain weight, but the “dad bod” is now appealing.

But women tend to hide parts of themselves with age. No one points out our age-related flaws and puts a sex appeal about it. We tend to hide. We become invisible to hide ourselves from the world so we can deny a little longer the changes we are experiencing.

This is unacceptable. Why are we hiding yet men are prancing around with their age like some sort of prize?

Women should not be invisible. We should be invincible.

To hell with our youthful self. This older version is still rocking it. We need to show the world that we might be changing, but our aging is sexy as f*ck. We are not old. We are perfected.

Here are three ways to welcome our perfected selves into our lives and stay youthful and sexy the older we become:

1. Knowledge of ourselves and the world. 

Our age represents our awareness of the world. They represent the years we’ve spent educating ourselves. Our age also supports our physical and mental stability and the wisdom we’ve acquired throughout the years of living our lives. We never had that wisdom at 20-something. We can only obtain it by living.

We should wear that knowledge like a goddamn badge of honor or hang it on a wall in a frame with the inscription, “University of Life.”

Be proud of that knowledge. It didn’t come easily. We must walk with our knowledge in each step we take.

2. Self-acceptance.

Every imperfection is actually a battle scar. We survived everything the world had thrown at us our entire lives, yet here we stand.

Those imperfections aren’t imperfections at all. They are reflections of every laugh we had, every tear we shed, and every inch of life we experienced.

We must accept these imperfections the way we actually accept living our lives.

3. Confidence.

We are as old as we feel. Age is not what it looks like on the outside. Sure, there are signs of aging outside of ourselves, but it’s mostly about how we feel internally. It’s coming to terms with how we actually look on the outside, yet still feeling sexy, youthful, and confident within ourselves.

We can stop hiding and open ourselves to the world fully and completely. By opening up, we are sending out vibrations of our confidence. We are showing the world that, in fact, we are f*cking invincible.

We must not let age determine our right to feel youthful.

Let’s prance around as youthful and sexy as we are. We are the only ones who can change the way the world looks at age. Let’s show them what our perfected selves look like.

Because they look sexy as f*ck.


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