June 17, 2021

Advice for those who are Feeling Anxious as we Come out of Lockdown.

Coming out of lockdown for me has brought challenges and unknowns.

When big changes happen in life it can cause a lot of anxiety around them. We are naturally created to like to be able to predict what’s going to happen and naturally we like to have a routine.

My children have been asking about seeing friends more and going to people’s houses, which has brought on an unexpected anxiety around me, my children, and what their parents may think of me asking if my child can come and play too.

It feels silly to think that I feel uncomfortable asking if my child can come and play.

Coming out of lockdown has been a big change for most people as the unusual circumstances became a new normal for most. With these restrictions lifting, it has created a big change in most people’s lives, relationships, and routines.

This has naturally created some panic, anxiety, and unwanted emotions for a lot of people because it has caused a lot of people to feel like they have missed out on things during the pandemic lockdown or they are now feeling like there is a rush to “catch up” from what has been lost.

When we find ourselves in our comfort zones, most people like to stay there as it’s normal, it’s routine, and it’s seen as a safe place to stay. Staying at home and having created a new routine has turned into the new normal and in the new comfort zone.

When we start to move out of our comfort zones, it causes the feeling of uncertainty, anxiety, and overwhelm. This is what we all experienced at the beginning of lockdown, and now it will be having the reverse effect when we come out of lockdown because it has been ongoing for so long.

Feeling anxious around the lifting of restrictions? Here are some tips on how to handle it:

>> Take things slowly if you can.

If you feel uncomfortable and out of sorts, take things as slow as you feel works for you if you can. Understand that it is normal feeling a bit nervous about having the freedom to do what you want again and take it easy.

>> Check-in with yourself and how you are feeling.

Take notice of how you are feeling and know that this is okay. However you feel at the moment, it will probably be uncomfortable. It may even feel as though you are doing things for the first time again for some. Check-in with yourself and pay attention to what you feel and think at this time.

>> Understand that most of the world will also be feeling the same right now, and it’s okay.

A lot of people will be feeling anxious at the moment, and it’s normal to feel this way. Coming back out of your comfort zone can cause the physical effects of anxiety, so be kind to yourself.

>> Speak to someone about how you feel; don’t just brush it under the rug. It’s okay to feel like this.

You may be surprised to hear that others are feeling the same and need someone to talk to. Opening up about how you feel and think right now could also help others feeling this way right now.

You may also want to take into consideration that you have a lot of plans and things to do. To ensure you look after your mental health and well-being and to ensure you avoid social burnout as the restrictions have lifted take these things into consideration.

>> Don’t feel the need to rush into seeing people.

It has been some time since we have been able to see our friends and family so this may create this notion of a rush into seeing people again this weekend when it is possible to do so. Just because it is possible, it doesn’t mean you should rush into seeing as many people as possible if you do not feel like doing so. You may be really excited to see people, which is brilliant; however, not everyone will feel this way. I suggest not getting caught up in a rush to plan things if you do not feel like it.

>> Be aware of your energy.

Some people get their energy from being around others and some people get their energy from being alone. Be aware of where you get your energy from as this will really help you to understand your personality type and help you to avoid social burnout.

>> Have boundaries for yourself.

When you know your personality type and where you get your energy from, you can place boundaries in place for yourself to ensure you are filling your energy up in the way that suits you best.

Overall, ensure you are being kind to yourself right now, and if you need to place boundaries in place for yourself then do so. Don’t ever feel like you need to explain to yourself why you feel a certain way or want to do things differently. Allow yourself to be and enjoy the process of life; everything will still be there when you are ready for it.

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