June 3, 2021

My Experience: 9 Months on OnlyFans. {Adult}

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Hello, and for those new to my work, welcome. Today, we are here to talk about porn. Specifically, OnlyFans.

What is porn? Porn is adult entertainment.

What is OnlyFans? OnlyFans, is adult entertainment but put on steroids, or the fast track to an Ivy League College, as far as adult entertainment goes. Onlyfans is a place you can go to see your ex-sweetheart, or crush from high school, and interact with them via the web. The beauty of all of this is that it can be done under a private name. Honestly, at times I prefer the private names; I don’t want to cause relationship problems directly if it can be prevented.

Men, and people who love us, want to provide for us and to be able to support each other and ourselves. Women also make purchases on OnlyFans—I most certainly have.

This is part of a sustainable community, country, world, Universal Health, and a proper ecosystem. We literally are coexisting, and this is now part of our lives. The World Wide Web is part of, and influences all of us, as a global community and a global ecosystem. From where I sit, that’s what I see.

Let’s talk about how I got to this point.

For those of you who read my first article about OnlyFans, here on Elephant Journal, titled, “Let’s Talk about OnlyFans: the New Kind of Porn,” thank you. That article has reached 2,000 readers as of today. Even if you didn’t read that article, here’s some of what happened, after I wrote that article on August 21st, 2020:

On August 21st, 2021, I wrote an article about OnlyFans. I went away for the weekend, and when I came back, I got an email that Elephant Journal’s editors, decided to publish that article! My first ever piece of published work through someone else’s choosing.

My introduction to OnlyFans was from my lover at one point. He mentioned we should start one. I didn’t know what it was, other than a site for porn, so I looked into it and was quickly informed.

In order to create an OnlyFans page, you have to verify your identity and your age. Step one.

Step two: explore.

I was approved for Onlyfans on September 13th, 2020. I studied the website and other people’s pages. I let my feelings and intuition take over, then I made my first post on September 17th. By October 18th, I was in the Top 7.5 percent of all creators in the world, with no masturbation videos, or sex. I had mostly still life photography. I also enjoy singing.

OnlyFans is for explicit content of all kinds. It’s basically an adult social media page where you can be as risqué as your heart desires.

With OnlyFans, I’ve learned so much about myself, and others. Women from my high school and people I’ve met ask me questions about OnlyFans all the time, and I enjoy having a place to essentially blog real-life content and feel a better sense of self-expression.

I have been modeling since 2014, and I’ve been dancing since before I was six years old. For some reason, even though I’ve been dancing my whole life, still life imagery comes more naturally to me when it comes to being on camera. At an event last year, I was dancing with a friend, and someone came out with a camera, and I immediately walked away from the scene I was in. I hope for this to change.

By creating an OnlyFans, and exposing parts of my true and real nature, I have begun to record myself dancing, and doing performance art more than I have in years. Since I’m being my true, authentic self, OnlyFans has helped in meeting a bunch of new people who support me and accept me for who I am, and this is a part of that. It has helped existing relationships as well.

As far as being in the technological age, I definitely feel more in control over what is being put out there about me, and I do thoroughly enjoy that.

OnlyFans is part of the healing arts studio I intend to open in the near future, and it is also part of human history. A part of history I am happy to be a part of.

I went to school for massage therapy and I see the body as an art form, similar to how Leonardo Da Vinci would view the body—and I think that this movement is profound.

This type of work activates Kundalini energy. Kundalini energy is our creation center. It is where we are born, and how human life is created.

I am a Scorpio. They say Scorpios rule the genitals, and that they are associated with life cycles, death, and rebirth.

I feel as though in some ways I have been born again; that I am that Phoenix at times rising from the ashes. If you’re familiar with the zodiac, Scorpio goes through cycles continuously, as do we all, but Scorpio is known as the most transient. One cycle they go through is the Scorpion/Eagle/Phoenix cycle, and I sense new life growing, with OnlyFans being a part of this transformation.

Being in tune with ourselves is important. It helps us to connect with others.

Anybody of any gender can do OnlyFans. Any race, or any size, or belief system. There is a fetish for everyone, so you never know what you’re gonna find.

I am in the top 15 percent as of today. But OnlyFans is so much more than a percentage.

It’s a self-exploration process, and it can be therapeutic. I recommend this website to most people, and I’m glad that I’m a member.

OnlyFans has helped me feel more confident in many ways; plus, it gives me extra income while I learn about all kinds of new things, and share that knowledge with others.

OnlyFans takes 20 percent of each sale, but I believe it is worth the marketing features. Your monthly stats are provided to you in numerical fashion, as well as in graph form. It would be nice if there was a monthly fee, versus 20 percent of every sale, and if they had an actual app for the website; however, its features are still excellent. They even provide a tax form for you around tax season, available right on your phone.

My page is free, but you have the option to do a paid page. Some people do both. I’m considering doing a paid page, and I have some plans in the works.

In my last article, I talk about how people (often women) have been watched, and I hope for all of us to come into our own power. I wasn’t trying to freak anyone out, but the reality of technology is right in our faces, every single day. Consciously and subconsciously.

So, as some sort of detail, I would like to add in response to my last article: if you are afraid that somebody is watching you with cameras, there are bug detectors that can be purchased right online. These bug detectors can detect if there are hidden cameras, recorders, or tracking devices within a certain range. I also recommend game cameras, if you really felt as though you needed that type of security, or just as a precautionary. ADT commercials are coming to mind. There are options out there to keep you safe.

There are pros and cons to everything that we do. Perspective plays a huge role in how we view our lives, and for me, I see that this website is strengthening my relationships. Not only with others, but with myself.

As far as what type of content I put on there, well you’re just gonna have to find out for yourself, because I’m not going give that all the way on this blog. I need to leave a little room for mystery.

If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself!

Deep happy breaths.



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