June 5, 2021

I Long to Taste You.

Panther rising

You move slowly

As you touch, kiss, taste
Each part of me

I breathe in your breath
Like a cat

As I surrender to the sensations

Designed to seize me
A whispering feather

Barely grazing my skin
Teasing me
Then flying away

I move closer as you move away
Toying with me
Bending me
To your craving

Blood fills my sacred space
Pulsing, rising
I am alert

You circle your fingers around me
Aligning our energies
I am being guided
Toward the boundary

A deep yearning
Divine waters flow free
A powerful surge overtakes me

I am the prey
Being led to my consumption

Your appetite is fierce
But mine is stronger

On hands and knees
I am infused with the Panther
Silky black skin
Saliva dripping from my teeth
A predator’s stare

I long to taste you
I move with feline energy
As I slither across the earth
Crawling toward you
Seducing you
Drawing you close

You are now my prey
I will devour you
But first, we play

We circle each other
Desires aligned
Grasping for control
A predator’s instinct
To dominate

I will submit
For a moment
I calculate your next move
And my own

This visceral dance
Makes me dizzy and hungry
You watch me
Never looking away
Meeting and matching my every move

The tension is high
I lose my breath
Sensing my vulnerability
You come for me

I abandon all restraint
I expose my throat
Inviting you to feast
A thick growl rises

As I move with your touch
You bite into me
My juices dripping
You lap up my essence
You take your time
Enjoying my submission

I come for you
While you’re distracted
By my pleasure

I reclaim my position
The control is now mine
You will surrender to me
The agony and the ecstasy
Of the chase

We abandon ourselves to it
We breathe in unison
Watching each other closely
As we rise
Higher and higher
Before falling off the edge

Our souls collide
As we fly into each other
I am a part of you now

I will remain in your dreams
Creating a longing when you think of me

You cannot possess the Panther
She will remind you
When you try

Stroke me
While I purr for you
Hold me
Kiss me
Then, release me

The hunt is calling
I await our next feast



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Read 4 comments and reply

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