June 3, 2021

The Only Way to have a Scot-Free Vacation this Summer. {Partner}

This article is written in partnership with Active Skin Repair. They’re dedicated to putting science behind restorative, safe skin solutions—and we’re honored to work with them. ~ ed.

We’re shaking in our house shoes.

The summer sun is creeping through our glass doors, the leaves are making their leafy green debuts, the birds are chirping…and they’re all a reminder that the long-awaited Grand Reopening of the world is upon us—and many of us are freaking terrified.

How many of us, exactly? Half of adults in the U.S. reported feeling anxious about “going back to normal” according to a recent study by the American Psychological Association, and traveling is at the top of the scary source list. (1) The Washington Post recently identified the term that most mental health experts are using as “reentry anxiety,” or as Sigmund Freud similarly coined: “reiseangst” which means “travel fear.” (2)

Trust me—I’ll be the first one to tell you that I’ve never been flight friendly—long before all this madness began. Sitting on a 10-hour flight from Italy, after hours of the woman in front of me kindly reclining her seat as far as the lever could go, a rush of panic sapped the breath right outta my lungs. Just a few days earlier, at a pit stop in London (casual), I was struck by another panic-inducing blunder, but this time—it was on the surface.

The moment we walked into our hotel room, I noticed a bright red, bumpy rash covering my entire inner forearm. Contact Dermatitis. There was nothing we could do about it, and I couldn’t even treat it until we returned to the U.S. days later.

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The moral of my Euro-story? There’s a lot of sh*t that can happen when you travel, and what I’ve mentioned so far is child’s play in the scheme of vacation mishaps. Factor in the fear of new, restriction-free travel plans and the social anxiety about being elbow-to-elbow with strangers again, and we’ve got a whole lot more to chew on than some pre-packaged peanuts when our flights depart.

The best thing we can do, my fellow anxious-flyers, is to come prepared—to strap ourselves up with anything that can give ourselves some semblance of control over the wild world of traveling in this new “safe” society. We’ve got to come armed with snacks, Clorox, phone chargers, and my new life-saving, travel-size favorite: Active Skin Repair.

We shouldn’t need to put any thought into all the miscellaneous blisters, rashes, burns, bleeding, and God-knows-what-else that can happen on a trip this summer. We’ve got enough sh*t to worry about! And I’ve got to tell you—this stuff works like a miracle.

It’s like a catch-all for the potential vacation snags that can throw our plans off-kilter. We spent the money, laid out the blueprint for the itinerary, did some mental gymnastics to get over our reiseangst—and we deserve a scot-free vacay without any discomfort or pain.

Active Skin Repair harnesses our body’s own inherent healing power, using its crowned ingredient, HOCI: a naturally occurring molecule that is produced by our bodies’ white blood cells as a way to promote healing—and it’s the reason why this ain’t your average Neosporin.

HOCI hosts clinically proven regenerative technology to support your body’s natural ability to heal. Pair that with it being nontoxic, free of synthetics, odors, and sappy textures—and it makes sense that it works on just about every damn thing. Gus Portokalos’ Windex from My Big Fat Greek Wedding is shaking in its boots.

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Sunburn? Got it. Blisters? Gone. Where was this when I got attacked by a native beetle in Kauai? And a whole host of other common, but super inconvenient skin woes:

>> Cuts
>> Scrapes
>> Bug Bites
>> Acne
>> Diaper Rash
>> Chafing
>> Facial Toner
>> Cold Sores
>> Ingrown Hairs
>> Peeling Skin
>> Scar Prevention

And, get this—it helps out with tattoo and piercing after-care for those crazy Myrtle Beach trips (ear muffs, mom’s). In short? This stuff takes the stress out of some serious potential travel stressors, which none of us need after the year we’ve all had. And if travel fears aren’t bogging you down, you should know that it’ll help you lighten the luggage and diaper bag loads that bog you down between terminals.

Active Skin Repair replaces bulky first aid products like antibiotic creams, peroxide, alcohol, anti-itch creams and after-sun lotions, so mom’s can toss those out before they even get to the TSA Pre-Check line.

It’s a safe antimicrobial with no harsh chemicals, parabens, or petroleum, and your kiddos won’t be squirming away from the thick, toxic gels and lotions that our parents have slathered on our skin for the past 50 years. It’s even safe enough to use on the face, so you don’t have to worry about spraying Timmy’s sunburned nose and accidentally getting some in his mouth (he’ll be just fine—he’s been eating sand for the past hour, after all).

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This’ll be a 3 oz defense against your summer worries, and I’m telling you—it works. I was half bewildered and half frustrated when I sprayed it on a rash I got when I was sweeping the pollen off of my patio furniture, and it disappeared within an hour or so—bewildered by how fast this worked, and frustrated that the 48-hour-freak-out I had in London could’ve been a lot less hectic if I had this back then.

Don’t just take it from me, either:

“Being a professional mountain biker for more than 25 years I’ve been searching for a product that works like Active Skin Repair. It works on everything from chaffing and saddle sore to more serious cuts and scrapes. I now have everything I need in a small bottle that fits easily
into my pack.”

~ Brian Lopes – Hall of Fame Professional Mountain Biker | 4 Time World Champion

So whether you’re a world champion athlete, a kid who just got swallowed by an eight foot wave, or a novice surfer who forgot how to ‘human’—you can feel safer knowing that an eco-friendly, all-in-one substance has your back this summer.

Those of us with reentry anxiety need all the help we can get while getting back on board with traveling. It’s perfectly normal to feel worried, and we certainly don’t need to keep it bottled up—but we can step back into the big, scary travel world feeling safer with this handy little bottle.

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(2) https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/tips/fear-flying-panic-attack-covid/

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